An anti-vaxx mother took to social media this week to ask for prayers after her daughter was vaccinated against her will, and the internet responded spectacularly...

It's quite remarkable that there are still anti-vaxxers out there, isn't it?

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I know, even in 2020.

But what exactly is an anti-vaxxer?

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Well, an anti-vaxxer is a person who opposes vaccinations in children and the laws made that mandate the vaccination.

Anti-vaxxers aren't malicious...

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They simply believe that there are healthier alternatives to vaccinations, but many argue their naivety puts their children in great danger.

This is a case of better education.

Parents need to be educated properly about vaccinations because, at the end of the day, babies and children are not capable of learning about the vaccines they need.

And what anti-vaxxers need to realize is...

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Not vaccinating children is a very, very dangerous game to play.

But, sadly, there's frequently no reasoning with these people.

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Anti-vaxxers are notoriously stubborn, and attempts at educating them have been known to fall upon deaf ears in the past.

So, of course...

Any opportunity to roast an anti-vaxxer over the internet is taken with the utmost enthusiasm.

And this brings us to today's story.

An anti-vaxx mom has been spectacularly roasted on Twitter after she took to the social media site to implore for help, advice, and "prayers" following her daughter being vaccinated.

Twitter user, Lisa Davis, wrote this:

"I have a big prayer request. My husband and mother-in-law have my oldest daughter with them at their house. They got her 4 vaccines today without asking me. I am anti-vaccines. Please pray she will be ok."

I mean, she was asking for a roasting, wasn't she?

Of course, the Twitter community went to town on her and responded with vigor... And sarcasm, of course. Keep scrolling to see some of the best responses...

Of course, Lisa never responded to the overwhelming reaction to her Tweet.

But we can only hope that her opinion on vaccines will be swayed as a result! For more on the wild world of anti-vaxxers, keep scrolling...