Woman Mistakes Hot Chocolate Ball For Bath Bomb | 22 Words

One woman has shared her hilarious story of when she used a bath bomb that turned out to be something completely different...

Bath bombs are meant to bring excitement to what would otherwise just be a boring ol' task.

Even as an adult, picking out and using the glitter infused fizzers has become a ritual.

There is nothing better than dropping a bath bomb into the water and watching it do its thing.

From Lush's Intergalactic to Ouai's Chill Pills, there is a whole range of stuff you can get your hands on.

But in some cases, things can take a quick downward turn...

You might be thinking, what could possibly ruin this peaceful experience?

Well, one woman found out after using what she thought was a "chocolate-scented" bath bomb...

That turned out to be something completely different.

And people are in hysterics after finding out what it really was...


Thanks to pretty much every online store...


Bath bombs have become a craze.

You can now get them in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes...


So it's no surprise one woman mistook a hot chocolate bomb for your average fizzer...

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips...


Her friend explained how the woman only realized her mistake when marshmallows popped up around her.

She wrote: "So my amazing friend (who would prefer to not be named!) thought she'd got herself a lovely new bath bomb.


"Turns out it was bloody hot chocolate with marshmallows included and everything!"

Apparently her story was "too good not to share."


The woman then posted photos of her friend's bath water.

It's safe to say, it's pretty gross...


But an easy mistake to make, as the brown hot chocolate bomb could easily take center stage in any Lush store.

The post has received 3,500 likes in the group, with some people sharing they've nearly done the same.


One replied: "Lol this made my day! Thank you for sharing, definitely the sort of thing that I'd do."

Another added: "Oh no! What a waste of chocolate and marshmallows!"


A third joked: "I would probably drink the bath water..."

We wouldn't go that far!

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