Woman Says She Feels ‘Betrayed’ After 5-Star Airbnb She Booked for 10 Weeks Turned Out To Be a Nightmare

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Airbnb has totally revolutionized the way we travel. Instead of checking into a hotel room totally devoid of personality, you can instead cut out the middle man and stay in a location designed by an amateur hotelier for a bargain price.

But sometimes Airbnb experiences can go horribly wrong. One TikToker shared her experience on social media this week, and it’s given everybody the creeps. @phoenruber shared her horrifying Airbnb story and it has some people thinking twice about the service.

She’d booked a ten-week stay in a location that had previously been rated with 5 stars – the “Rose Room,” a private room in a Pennsylvania home looked to be a nice room filled with retro decor. The rate was $105 a night at the time of writing, but there was a reduced rate of seventy percent to a roughly $966 monthly fee for long-term guests.

But when she arrived at the room, she discovered it was absolutely packed with trash. And that’s not all – it gets so much worse. Both the air conditioner and shower in the room were not working. Plus, the host repeatedly locked her out of the house during night shifts and refused to give her a key, leaving her stranded outside calling them multiple times. On top of this, the bed was far smaller than the one she’d signed up for.

“Someone save me from this nightmare,” she shared in the video which has been viewed over a quarter of a million times. And it’s safe to say people were absolutely appalled by her experience. “No! Report to Airbnb,” wrote one. “Send this video if you have to.” “10 weeks is too long to bear this,” added another.

Others were scared, adding, “I watched a weird movie once about a couple who buried their guests in the walls. Honestly, this has similar vibes. Time to go!”

The user has since posted an update, saying she’d left the Airbnb and checked into a hotel. The problem was, Airbnb hasn’t refunded her the amount she was due. People were horrified and reached out to the company, and a new update confirms they were right to do so.

“Right before heading into work, I got a call from Airbnb that they will honor the eighty percent off so I will owe $300~ for time I stayed there,” she shared in the latest video. “I still believe I should owe $0 for that mess but it’s a start.”

“These types of situations are very rare,” a representative for Airbnb told Insider when asked for comment. “We regret that our original support fell short of our high standards, and we’re since worked to provide with our full support, which included a refund.”