Woman Who Started Brawl Because McDonald’s Staff Wouldn’t Mix 3 Slushie Flavors Charged

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The enraged McDonalds customer who started a brawl because staff wouldn’t mix 3 slushy flavors for her has been charged.

She has been charged with 2 counts of first-degree misdemeanour assault.

The charges come after she was arrested for assaulting employees at the store.

The woman reportedly entered the Ravenna McDonald’s branch where she asked for a mix of 3 different slushie flavours.

But when she was told the 3 flavours could not be mixed, she began verbally and physically assaulting the staff members.

Employees claim the woman came behind the counter to make the drink herself, so they tried to block and push her back, Record Courier reports.

The woman then punched the manager in the face and when an employee tried to restrain her, she punched again.

The incident was caught on camera by witness Brian Allen.

In the video by Allen, the woman can be heard shouting “Call the f****** police!” while an employee warns “Get out! Are you crazy? Don’t touch me! I’ll destroy you!”

The woman pleaded not guilty according to court records, Record Courier reports.

She was held on a $1,000 bond with the conditions that she could not return to the Ravenna McDonald’s branch, nor should she contact the employees or manager.