Woman Says She Breastfeeds Her Boyfriend Twice a Week To Get Them ‘in the Mood’

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When it comes to breastfeeding, people have a lot of strong opinions particularly on one woman’s choice to breastfeed her boyfriend…

Lana Michaels, a mom-of-2, has revealed that she breastfeeds her boyfriend twice a week as she missed breastfeeding.

And it helps to build a positive “physical energy” between them.

Michaels, who met her boyfriend, Shawn, on a Vegan dating app, spoke with the Sun where she revealed that she “really missed breastfeeding and the feeling of it.”

“I breastfed my eldest son for 8 months and my daughter for 2 years,” she said. “I don’t want to have another baby and my children are way too old to feed now but I liked the idea of breastfeeding with Shawn.”

Michaels began breastfeeding Shawn after she had been “sucking from another woman” and it “burned up the sexual idea of breast milk connected with sex.”

“Shawn and I have always experimented a lot with sex and I did some research on the internet about breastfeeding and I found out you can restart the milk in your boobs by taking a herbal milk supplement.”

Michaels began taking the supplement and after 3 days, she had “a drop of milk in my breast” which “Shawn started sucking to get the milk flowing.”

“We have sex about 5 times a week, and Shawn breastfeeds a couple of times in a week,” she explained.

Michaels explains that she enjoys breastfeeding as she likes her “b**bs being fuller,” as it makes her feel “sexier and more womanly.”

While Shawn revealed to the outlet that he enjoys breastfeeding as he finds it arousing and relaxing.

“I was breastfed as a baby but now I am an adult, I find it’s relaxing,” he insisted. “It’s also a moment when I crave that physical connection. The energy is flowing between us when I breastfeed… It can lead up nicely to sex.”

Each to their own…