A woman devised a plan to put her potential boyfriend to the test on a blind date, but matters were far from plain sailing...

Dating can be a complete midfield.

And admittedly, it can often be quite a stressful experience.

Because, let's be honest, meeting up with a stranger for the first time can be incredibly nerve-wracking...

If going on a date wasn’t scary enough, the mystery and awkwardness of meeting someone new for the first time adds immensely to the pressure.

Will they look like their photos? Will there be chemistry? Will they be a total psychopath?

Especially in the digital era, the questions are endless.

But one way to ramp things up a notch?

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... going on a blind date. 

Well, one man has hit the headlines for his blind dating experience.

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And it's shocking, to say the least.

Well, it seems things didn't really go to plan.

And the internet has had a lot today about it.

An unnamed woman had gone on the date in the eastern Chinese province Zhejiang.

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According to local newspaper Taizhou Evening News, the woman met up with a twenty-nine-year-old known as Mr. Lui.

The news outlet states that their date had originally been set up by the man's mother...

Who had grown worried about her son as he had been single for some time.

But things didn't exactly go to plan.

Safe to say, this date was far from straightforward.

Mr. Lui had already offered to pay for their meal...

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But little did he know, the woman has been devising a sneaky plan of her own.

Of course, the man had assumed it would just be the 2 of them on the date...

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Which, of course, is to be expected.

But, he was shocked by what he saw when he turned up at the restaurant for the date...

Because his date had invited a gang of relatives along.

Twenty-three of them, to be precise.

Yep, really.

The woman later told Chinese media that she'd wanted to test Mr. Lui's generosity.

And tried to find out if her potential partner would be charitable enough to pay for a whopping total of twenty-five people to eat.

Safe to say, the bill mounted up...

All of the expensive dishes and alcohol the relatives had consumed added up to an eye-watering $2,996.89.

It made for one expensive blind date.

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But the real question is: did Mr. Lui fork out?

Well, he made his stance on the matter perfectly clear.

By the time the large group had finishing dining and he had seen the bill, Mr. Lui had actually left the restaurant.

Reports say the duo were eventually able to reach an agreement, however.

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The pair agreed that Mr. Lui would pay for a small part of the meal, but that the bulk of the cost had to be shared among the woman and her family.

We doubt the woman will be trying this again on future dates...

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