Reading is such an important part of children's development, it stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. Not only that, but it keeps their minds active, which is always a plus, especially if your little rugrat's favorite phrase is "I'm bored."

Sadly not all children have access to books, but a new non-profit organization has come to the rescue, giving all children the chance to read.

One woman imparticular has come up with the best idea to allow children in her area to get the most out of reading. What she created is unbelievable.

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Libraries are essential.

They allow you to venture into the unknown, traveling to faraway lands with a turn of the page.

Reading has lost its charm.

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Nowadays kids have their Xbox or iPads to keep them entertained, and reading has become a lot less common.

Not many people venture to the library anymore.

Are the days of flipping through dog eared books standing in the hushed aisle of the library at an end?

Surely not?

There is a new book sharing movement that has made it their mission to allow people to have access to free books.

The Little Free Library.

This is one of the largest book sharing movements.

It gives people a chance to connect.

For anyone who lives in a rural or urban neighborhood with limited access to books, it's a great way to give your community the chance to read more.

One woman has gone above and beyond.

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Creating one of the most inviting Little Free Library of all time.

This is a trend I can get on board with.

Over the last few years, these libraries have been showing up all over the world.

But unlike the more conventional ones, this one is incredible.

Obviously a library is all about what's inside, but you can't help but marvel at the grandeur of this little fairytale snook.

It wouldn't look out of place in a Disney movie.

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It makes me want to wrap up warm with my thermos of hot cocoa and dive into a cult classic.

The creator is Sharalee Armitage Howard.

Not surprisingly, she's a librarian and artist from Idaho.

She turned the tree into a perfect little library.

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She transformed the dying 110-year-old cottonwood tree outside her home, saying: “Someone willing to take the time to give new life to a stump would never cut down a healthy tree to do it."

The tree became a danger to locals.

Sharalee said: “It was dropping huge branches for years onto the sidewalk and street (even without windy weather). We were really worried about someone getting hurt. One finally hit our son’s car."

This is how the Little Free Library was born.

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Sharalee got a lot of positive feedback on her posts to Facebook, which she replied: “Thanks so much for all of the wonderful feedback about our little free library! It’s awesome to know that there are so many people out there that appreciate how art (in any form) quite simply, makes the world a cooler place to live in."

Howard is now an official member of Little Free Library.

The Little Free Library is a non-profit organization, created to keep the love of books alive.

Their hope is to give more people access to books.

“A love of reading, building community, and sparking creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world."

This is the great thing about the organization...

If you don't have the ability or funds to fill your Little Free Library with books, they will donate books for you to use.

Sharalee's attention to detail is incredible.

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She even took the time to carve little wooden classics as decoration around the outside of the library. Now that's dedication.

Everyone who has used a Little Free Library only has good things to say.

Julie Scagell thinks it's a great idea for children. She said: "My kids love and appreciate the ability to walk right up and take a book of their choosing, read and return it, and add books to the collection when we’re able. Not only does it teach them a love of books, but it’s also a powerful lesson in giving back."

Can we please have one of these on every street corner.

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