A woman has revealed that she had to change her baby's name because every time she said the name, it made her cringe.

When Kate, an interior architect from Melbourne had her son, she decided to pick an unusual name, but she soon regretted it. Kate named her son Cash which, at first, seemed like a "cool" idea.

As per Kidspot, she explained: "In my sleep-deprived post-natal delirium, I felt like maybe we could pull it off. You know, as a nod to Johnny Cash... even though I could only name one of his songs... I Walk the Line."

But then, the realization of what she had done kicked in shortly afterward when Apple updated their software to give users emoji prompts.

Every time Kate wrote her son's name in a text message, the money bag emoji would appear.

And then it got worse as constant jokes asking if she spelled Cash's name with a dollar sign began to emerge and at one point, Kate was even gifted a t-shirt with the slogan, "Cash is King."

The name soon became too much for Kate after an incident occurred at her children's playgroup. Upon introducing Cash to another parent at the group, the parent referred to Cash as a "hipster name."

Kate had finally reached the point where she cringed every time that she introduced her son to a new person, and she knew it had to change.


So, when Cash reached 3 months old, Kate decided she'd had enough of the name and she took the plunged to have it changed.

Kate legally changed her son's name from Cash to Rueben which was easy enough to do, though it did leave some of her friends and family a little confused.

After the change, a few of Kate's friends from a close circle came forward to admit they were relieved about her change of heart, despite previously being very polite in not expressing their initial apprehension. They agreed with Kate's decision that Reuben was a more suitable choice.

And so, to celebrate the end of her son's "hipster name," Kate celebrated by having a renaming ceremony for Reuben.

"My friend is a celebrant and she came over and gave Reuben a renaming ceremony," she said. "It involved some level of roasting, which I appreciated. A sense of humour is always helpful in situations like these."

What do you think of Kate's original name choice?