Woman Claims Her Life Is More Difficult Because She’s ‘Attractive’

I’m sure we’ve all experienced being left out once or twice before. But, this viral TikToker claims the reason that she’s not been included in things, is because of “pretty privilege.”

A woman, going by the name of @arianasavannah on TikTok, has come out about a difficult period in her life, where she was constantly left out, because she’s “attractive.”

According to the Independent, in the video, that’s now been made private, Ariana said that “there’s a bad side” to being pretty that “no-one talks about.”

And it was in college that it really hit her hard.


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“College was really the hardest point for me but girls will always be like ‘oh my gosh, I love you so much, you’re so gorgeous, we’re gonna hang out.’ And the time comes around and I always am left out, and talked about poorly behind my back, and it never makes sense because I am always being so kind, so genuine,” she said in the video.

She even opened up about crying to her mom, who in turn, told her that people can be intimidated by those who they think are “prettier” than them. But, Ariana’s reaction to this just shows how pure her heart is…

“B*****s are all pretty, I love women, everyone is a bad b**** in their own way,” she said with her vibrant energy.

But, this isn’t the only woman who’s found it difficult to be pretty in a society full of women feeling upset and insecure over unrealistic beauty standards.

Oh, wait, that’s the problem, right? Women categorize each other as “pretty” and “not-so-pretty” according to misogynistic beauty goals. If we didn’t do that, then pretty privilege surely wouldn’t be a thing, no?

Here’s another woman’s experience…

This TikTok user, going by the handle @MadelineFord feels she’s not validated as much by her followers when she feels “uglier.”


Is it pretty privilege or are women who aren’t seen as physically attractive just treated as subhuman 🤫

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In the video, she says: “Nothing about myself feels valid or worthy if I’m not pretty.”

She continued on by explaining that when she’s not dressed up with makeup, she can’t make videos or content, because nothing she says will “hold any weight.”

“Being pretty should not be a prerequisite to being a human being as a woman, why does it feel like that, though?” She finished.

But, some people found it a little bit far-fetched that this was the case…


“Its soooo hard having pretty privilege” omg I feel so bad for you 🥺 #prettyprivilege #beautystandard #rant #fyp

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With one TikToker explaining how it will “never not be hilarious” to her that a demographic of women find it hard because they have “pretty privilege.”

And a commenter pointed out that those who say they’re left out, or kicked out of friendship groups because they think: “People were jealous” are basically claiming that their “friends are uglier.”

What do you think? Is pretty privilege really that bad?