Ah, fashion. It can be a tricky one, can't it?

With such a vast range of outrageous and whacky outfits, it isn't difficult to suffer a few hiccups in the wardrobe department.

And now, in the most recent update in the war against wearing your outfit correctly, one unfortunate woman has gone viral for the hilarious mistake she made with her gorgeous - yet very uncomfortable looking - shoes on a girl's night out.

If you want to feel better about your own embarrassing fashion cock-ups, keep scrolling to read the full story, and to see her hilarious, yet slightly relatable, outfit mishap.

The world of fashion can be a confusing place.

Especially in 2019. Over the last few years, fashion has grown to become stranger and stranger, with all sorts of bizarre garments edging their way into our wardrobes.

And because of this, it's easier than ever to make embarrassing fashion blunders.

Wearing a top as a skirt, putting on a shirt back to front... There are an array of different ways of cocking up your attempt of being somewhat stylish.

Remember the time a woman put a swimsuit on upside down?

A couple of months ago, twenty-year-old Lynsey Brown from Scotland was enjoying a girl's vacation in Ibiza when she suffered a rather embarrassing fashion mishap. Here, Lynsey wears the incriminating swimsuit the right way round.

However, it didn't stay that way for very long.

As you can see, the bottom part of the swimsuit is a little, ahem... Stretched, and didn't do very well in covering Lynsey's private parts. Luckily, her dignity has been preserved online with the laughing emoji.

Lynsey was mortified when she was kicked out of the club as a result of the swimsuit...

And emailed the company who manufactured the garment to question why it didn't fit. However, their response instantly shut down Lynsey's complaint, as they awkwardly informed her that she was simply wearing it upside down. To spell it out for you - the thinner shoulder strap was being worn around her nether regions, while the wider crotch was worn on her shoulder. Good God.

Lynsey was, quite understandably, mortified at her mistake.

Though she was luckily able to see the funny side of the whole thing.

And, much to our entertainment benefit, another fashion blunder has gone viral.

Though admittedly not as embarrassing as the swimsuit mishap.

Here, we have the newest lady of the hour.

Ayleigh McGhee, from Glasgow, Scotland (I'm noticing a pattern here...), spent her full evening complaining about her shoes hurting her feet. Sounds like a standard girls night out, so far.

However, there was quite a blatant reason as to why her feet were hurting...

via: Instagram

Here's the incriminating outfit. Spotted the wardrobe malfunction yet?

Take a closer look.

Yes, Ayleigh has managed to put her shoes on the wrong feet. And, to make this story even better, she kept the shoes on like this all night, and only realized her mistake the next morning.

And, like any good friend...

Her friend Georgia instantly showcased her mistake to the world... By posting a zoomed-in picture of her feet onto Twitter.

Of course, the post instantly went viral.

And many were sympathetic with Ayleigh's fashion mishap, with one Twitter user even dubbing her as a "hero" for surviving the full night out in the shoes.

Though some blamed the shoes...

In a dramatic plot twist, one Twitter user with her own traumatic story from the same pair of shoes jumped to Ayleigh's defense... Apparently, these shoes hurt your feet anyway?!

Thankfully, Ayleigh didn't seem too embarrassed.

And she has taken the full thing in her stride, replying to one comment with, “f***offf I know it’s all a can see now" alongside a number of crying laughing emojis.

Moral of the story?

Learn your left from your right. Or just wear sneakers on your next night out, your feet will thank you in the morning! Still want to feel better about your terrible fashion choices, however? Keep scrolling to see some of the most ridiculous fashion trends that are circulating our stores right now... You can thank us later.