Woman Completely Covered in Tattoos Shows What She Looks Like With Ink Covered Up | 22 Words

Tattoos are more popular than ever - but there are some who take things to extremes. Like this woman, whose before and after pictures have shocked the internet...

For many, tattoos and piercings are a definition of character.

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People enjoy expressing themselves through body art and modifications... because who cares what others think?

And as anyone with a tattoo or body piercing can agree...

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They can become seriously addictive.

More than often, one tattoo or one piercing just isn't enough...

And many find that the fewer modifications they have, the more boring and generic they look overall.

Of course, body mods and tattoos aren't for everyone...

But many people simply can't get enough of altering their appearances.

This can lead people to go to the ultimate extremes...

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And one of these people is Becky Holt.

She's known as Britan's most tatooed woman.

Claiming to have around 95% of her body covered.

She's thirty-three and from Cheshire, UK.

And has spent a whopping £35,000 ($48,000) on her distinctive look.

There are a variety of different tattoo styles.

She's even gone so far as to put some on her forehead.

All her limbs, body, and back are covered.

Holt has even made TV appearances under her "most tattooed" moniker.

But she has become so synonymous with her tattoos ...

It's almost unimaginable to see her without them.

But fans were treated to a surprise ...

As Holt showed us a rare picture of herself with all her tatts covered up!