Woman Praised For Confronting ‘Gaslighting’ Man Who Kept Touching Her in Bar

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A TikTok video has gone viral of a woman confronting a man who was invading her space and she has since been praised online for pointing out his “gaslighting” behavior.

The video showed the man repeatedly touch the woman who was sitting at the bar with her friend.

The woman, who’s tagged under the username @callalatrice, stares at the man every time he gets too close as a way of trying to get him to realize what he’s doing.

She then moves away from him as his arm brushes her back, after which he mockingly says: “Oh, s***! I touched her again!” However, this doesn’t stop him from doing it again as he can then be seen placing his hand on Calla’s chair as he speaks to her friend.

When Calla confronts him, he says that he’s talking to her friend, not her. Although the friend then highlights that he was talking about Calla to her.

Calla then tells the man: “You were talking to her about me and talking about my trauma because, yes, for the last f***ing thirty years of my life [men] don’t know how to keep space.

“They touch you inappropriately, they talk to you inappropriately, and they be in your motherf***ing space inappropriately.”

The clip was posted by Calla’s friend Haley Mcquinn @haleymcquinn_, and she captioned it: “Normalize checking men.”

It has been viewed over 2.2 million times, gained 300,000 likes and a whopping 3500 comments. In those comments, TikTokers have praised the woman’s response…

“I cannot stand people that act like him! ‘I don’t have an issue with me getting in YOUR personal space, you should relax’,” wrote one user.

Another commented in response to how she acted: “AS SHE SHOULD!! She CLEARLY didn’t want you touching her or in her personal space and you acted like you weren’t doing anything. BACK TF UP! She could’ve went full-blown outrage and just told him to get tf away from her but she did it in a better manner. I’m not that nice!!”

“Triggered. When they gaslight you and try to make you feel like you’re overreacting for normally reacting to their disrespect,” commented a third.

While a fourth asked: “Why is he acting like the victim?”

A fifth commented on the people in the background, saying: “I’m also upset [at] the two other guys that can hear and see him harassing these two ladies and do nothing. Y’all [are] just as bad.”

Others called attention to the men in the comments, writing: “Men will STILL think he was just playing and joking.”

Calla later stitched her friend’s video with her reaction. She also added the caption “so obtuse… obviously can’t read facial expressions or body language.”

Her response video has viewers sending her “much respect” and one commenting: “Channeling your energy the next time this happens.”