Woman Shuts Down Rude Men She Heard Making Fun of Her as She Posed for Photos in the Pool

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There is nothing more frustrating and scary, than being publicly berated for being a woman. More and more videos and stories are coming out about women confronting men who do creepy things in public. A video of a woman in a pool has recently gone viral after she shut down some guys who were laughing at her…

Read on to find out the whole story…

There are many frustrating things in life, but there’s one thing that’s pretty high up on the list…

And that’s unwanted attention.

Things like wolf-whistling, for instance…

Or catcalling.

Just stop.

It’s creepy, let’s be honest.

Well, ask any girl and she will have a story to tell about her confronting a man.

I promise. It’s a bigger problem than you could ever think.

It’s happening more often that guys are being held accountable for their actions.

Including when they happen to laugh at girls for doing the most basic things.

Seriously, girls cannot do anything without being laughed at anymore.

One woman in particular managed to catch her confrontation on camera, and it now has over 10 million views, and one million likes.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves,

Let us start from the beginning…

Samatha Longton was on a post-vaccination vacation at Cabazon, California.

Decked out in a blue bikini, she decided to take a dip in the pool, framed by the aesthetics of the ice blue water and the Californian palm trees.

And then it happened.

As she was posing to take pictures, she saw a pair of guys walking past her and overheard them making fun of her.

Well, Sam wasn’t having any of it.

“Do you guys want a photo together? I can take one for you if you like.” She stops the guys, asking for their phone.

She throws them off in the best way…

“You can have one too, I can take one for you if you’d like?” Sam says, as they make excuses about not having their phone with them.

The internet was screaming.

Everyone seemed to applaud Samantha for standing up to herself. She hasn’t posted a video explaining more into the video, but has since posted about her travels around America to her 83k followers.

You can see the video here:

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