Woman Creates Her Own Afro Hair Care Brand After Nothing Helped Her Conditions

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Haircare can be a difficult business – but for those with afro hair and a sensitive scalp, it can become nearly impossible. And one woman from London, UK, decided enough was enough and took matters into her own hands…

For many of us, hair is important.

When your hair looks good, you tend to feel more confident!

When you want your hair to look its very best, finding the right products is absolutely key.

Afro hair is notoriously more difficult to care for.

A careful blend of different ingredients and application techniques go a long way.

Who knew haircare could be such a headache?

Tayshan Languedo-Butt had had a lifelong struggle with her hair …

Alongside alopecia, which had left her with significant bald patches.

“I would go to the doctors and they would recommend another shampoo’ telling me to wash my hair three times a day, or suggest another steroid cream,” she explained.

“They had no understanding of Afro hair at all and the damage that would be caused with these products.”

“I felt so embarrassed that people could either see flakes from the psoriasis or bald patches from the alopecia.”

“I really suffered with that growing up, being mixed-race and not having the typical loose curls that people associate with being mixed-race – I had grown up really fixating on my hair.”

And there was another reason Tayshan wanted to solve her hair woes …

And not only did she not want to use products that could be potentially harmful to her baby – she also wanted to create products that would allow her baby to embrace their natural hair texture.

“I decided enough was enough and started exploring the natural path of hair care.”

“Through a lot of research, trials, tribulations and testing I decided I was going to make my own natural products, as everything on the market includes ingredients that aren’t actually good for our hair or skin.”

“I didn’t want her to spend her whole childhood not enjoying her hair and wishing it was like other people’s. I also wanted to have products that I knew I could use on her that was completely natural.”

The company specializes in afro hair care for sensitive scalps – and it’s proving a huge success.

“After sharing some products with family and friends I was encouraged to sell my products so everyone can try them.”

“It’s a range of homemade hair care products made using natural ingredients from the earth, primarily Ayurvedic herbs, which I created three weeks after my third child was born.”

“Many said that I wouldn’t be able to do it with a seven-year-old, a 14-month-old and a newborn baby, but I have done it, customers are loving it and feedback has been amazing.” Fancy more mom content? Scroll on for the viral moment that shows the realities of mom brain …