A woman has gone viral for creating natural-looking dolls for children to help combat unrealistic beauty standards...

When it comes to buying dolls for your kids...

There are a ton of different options out there.

From Bratz to Barbie...

And even LOL dolls, there's truly something for everyone.

But there's a huge issue with many of these dolls.

Many parents have expressed their concerns about how unnatural looking they are.

Many are painted with heavy-looking makeup...

This is obviously a very personal choice, but the way many of these dolls look doesn't always sit right with parents who believe they perpetuate false beauty standards.

We've seen these arguments famously raised with regards to Barbie.

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The Barbie Doll is one of the most iconic children’s toys, with the blonde-haired, blue-eyed figurine dating all the way back to 1959. But, Barbie has consistently had a ridiculously unattainable appearance that seriously lacks in diversity.

Her shiny blonde hair, those sparkling blue eyes...

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And her minuscule cinched waist all contribute to a rather unrealistic beauty standard amongst young girls.

And, in recent years...

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The doll has been put under more and more scrutiny regarding her undiverse and, quite simply, unrealistic appearance.

But one woman is setting out to change the game.

An artist has gone viral for upcycling dolls and giving them a more natural makeover.

Since the before and after pictures emerged...

Reactions from parents came pouring in.

Created by artist, Sonia Singh, the upcycled dolls are a more natural alternative to the average Barbie or Bratz style doll.

Tree Change Dolls are Singh’s own creation, with each doll being unique.

Each doll is bought from second-hand stores before being revamped to look more natural.

Singh begins by taking each doll and removing the factory paint on the faces, including the makeup near the eyes.

She then repaints them without the faux makeup.

Repair work is then  done to the hands and feet if needed and hair is cleaned, trimmed, and restyled.

After sorting all that out, Singh’s mom helps with the fashion makeover...

The practical outfits are designed for outdoor adventures with knitted sweaters and dresses, soft skirts, and comfy pants.

Singh sells the dolls via her Etsy shop...

She's a very busy woman - with a new batch being released each month.

They all typically sell out very quickly.

So if you want one, you'd better be quick.

The dolls all look amazing!

You can check out Tree Change Dolls here.