A woman's drastic decision to leave her husband because of a nickname has shaken the internet this week...

It's no secret that relationships don't always work out...

And, sometimes, it takes a while to realize that you're actually less compatible with your significant other than you first thought.

Most people come to accept this and move on with their lives...

But arguing with a spouse or partner will never be easy.

This can sometimes end with matters getting pretty heated...

And let's be honest, sometimes talking about a partner behind their back is hard to resist.

No matter what happened in the relationship.

But, this week, one woman took her response to a nickname her husband had been using behind her back to the extreme.

"I can define the moment when I knew I’d leave my husband," the woman in question began.

"It wasn’t when he threw a glass of wine in my face while our baby was sitting in my lap. Or when he called me 'pathetic and lazy' when I begged him, crying, to please let me sleep in just one morning," she shared in an anonymous article.

"It was at 9 am on a Friday when he was standing in a towel in our bathroom."

"He’d been out the night before for a friend’s birthday and had gone straight to the spare room to sleep. I’d been up since 5 am with our 2-year-old, as usual."

Sounds bad, right?

But it gets a whole lot worse when this mom found out what her husband had been calling her.

"Any mum will know the organizing it would take to be out of the picture for twenty-four hours – yet this guy just did it, no discussion, no responsibilities."

"It was a major issue in our marriage since our son had been born. The man wouldn’t even agree to putting his events on a family calendar, let alone talk to me about what his plans were any night," she continued.

"But no matter how many millions of times we argued about his lack of communication and involvement, nothing ever changed."

"I opened the group chat and saw a discussion with his mates about drinks that night. But my husband’s last reply left me cold."

"'Don’t think I can make it tonight. SWMBO will say no.'"

"What was SWMBO? I assumed it was me, and I assumed it was mean. I wasn’t wrong.

"'She Who Must Be Obeyed,' he told me calmly when I asked him as soon as he stepped out of the shower."

"I’ll never forget that look of defiance on his face. No remorse. No apology. I felt like I’d been slapped across the face." What do you think of this "nickname"?

Either way, this doesn't sound like it was a very happy relationship...

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