Photobombing is an art form in which people crash what would have otherwise been a serious picture without the subject knowing. While most photobombs occur amongst us normal folk, some lucky individuals have been photobombed by true legends...

With that in mind...

Let's take a look at some of the most iconic celebrity photobombs in history, including the most recent one which included a true legend.

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1. Prince Harry.

2. Jared Leto.


3. Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Jimmy Fallon.


Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Jimmy Fallon pt 2.


4. Amy Schumer.

5. Timothee Chalamet.


6. Jason Momoa.

7. Brad Pitt.


8. Dave Chappelle.

9. Jared Leto (again!).


10. Adam Sandler.

11. Stella McCartney.


12. Tom Hanks.

13. Chris Hardwick.


14. Justin Trudeau.

15. Candace Cameron Bure.


16. Bradley Cooper.

17. Johnny Wujek.


18. Zach Braff.

19. KJ Apa.

20. Queen Elizabeth.

21. Benedict Cumberbatch.


22. Prince Harry (again!)

23. George Clooney.


24. Justin Trudeau (again!)

25. Kelly Clarkson.


26. Paul McCartney.

Tik Tok

One woman realized that she was photobombed by a true legend after she started reminiscing over her vacation photos.

Mae Archie took photos while she was visiting New York City but after visiting The Beatles exhibition, she passed the one and only, Paul McCartney.

Tik Tok

And of course, as any normal person would, she freaked out.

Tik Tok

We all freaked out too!

Tik Tok

Here's the photo:

Tik Tok

She's one lucky son of a gun.

Watch the full video here:


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