Online dating is nothing short of a minefield. It's pretty terrifying that you can basically end up sat opposite someone that you don't know anything about, trapped in any manner of awkward situations. From catfishes to ghosts, to orbiters, looking for love via the internet is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Well, the most recent viral story has re-ignited the awkwardness of dating online after a woman's "perfect match" turned out to be her own brother and his reaction has got everyone talking...

For many singletons out there, finding love is a priority.

The problem with trying to find love? It's basically a living nightmare at every turn.

Because, in order to find a prince, you've got to date a lot of frogs.

It seems like the universe isn't willing to put the right person in front of you until you've met a lot of the wrong ones first.

But if you thought that dating itself was bad...

Well, first of all, you've got to find someone to date. In the past, many couples met in bars, at farmer's markets, or through friends of friends. But that's simply not the case anymore.

Nowadays, if you want a date, there's really only one place that you can go.

You're going to have to endure the endless, disappointing journey through the various dating apps.

Anyone's who's been on the apps will tell you that they're the worst.

Basically, they act as a neverending reminder that people are, generally, trash.

Apps can be a neverending source of disappointment.

Either people don't look anything like their pictures, they're still obsessed with their ex, or they tell you that they like you and then disappear forever into the ether. It's a jungle out there.

But sometimes apps are more than just disappointing.

Sometimes, they're actually pretty scary because you never really know who you're talking to...

But what happens when you fully know the person on the other end?

And not just know them, you know-know them?

That's right, I'm talking about a sibling.

One woman found that her "perfect match" was none other than her own brother.

While she found the entire thing disgusting (as anyone would) others found the story hilarious.

Brooke was spending time with her family in Haverford, Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving when she got the dreaded recommendation.

And of course, she just had to share it on Tik Tok.

"Something I'm thankful for is that my most compatible on Hinge has just been updated," she started.

"Here he is - super cute, if you ask me. Brooke and Noah, we think you should meet." That's the first message that the Hinge-bot shared in their chat.

"And we agree, we're already spending Thanksgiving together and it's going well."

She's being sarcastic, for those of you that don't get it.

She then moves the camera so that her brother is in the shot too.

"Here he is. The fact of the matter is, he's my brother and it's for that reason we will be suing Hinge."

Her brother, clearly finding the entire thing hilarious, then leans in for a kiss...

To which Brooke pushes him away, disgusted.

But he keeps going.

And by the end of the video, Brooke can be seen running away from him.

Keep running, girl!

Have a look at the video above. For more stories about the horrors of online dating, keep scrolling...