Woman Ditches Career in Medicine to ‘Serve’ Her Husband as a Housewife

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Due to women’s rights progressing and the ever clicking clock of time passing by, women have gone from being just housewives and homemakers to career-driven women, mothers, and wives. Even now, women are still breaking into roles that have never before had women.

However, a YouTuber and Instagram influencer has been promoting her “tradwife” lifestyle after she gave up a career in medicine.

A woman is boasting about how she has left behind a career in medicine to now “serve” her breadwinner husband.

Cynthia Loewen is a YouTuber, former Miss Earth Canada, and one of many women now involved with the “Tradwife Movement,” where wives stay at home and attend to all the cooking, cleaning, and washing.
She talks to her 22k subscribers about how she feels the benefits of becoming a traditional wife and dedicating her life to her home and her husband.

In one video, she said: “A couple of years ago I was really frustrated with my life.

“I was not really feeling the calling to become a boss-babe – I was feeling the calling to become a wife and a homemaker…I was supposed to be a doctor.
“My husband is the primary breadwinner and I am in charge of the home.
“Working with my hands around my home does give me satisfaction, so much more compared to any other job that I had.”

​”I let my husband lead and that is so naturally difficult for me because I am a very stubborn person,” Loewen said.

According to NewsCorp, Cynthia dresses up every day in cute outfits and a full face of makeup, including pearls, to clean the house from top to bottom. She’ll nip to the gym in the morning and walk the dog, and then begin doing laundry and other miscellaneous tasks. Finally, once that is all complete, she’ll get started on dinner.​

“I usually just wait around for my husband to come home and if he comes home late I will just wrap up the dinner and then head to bed,” she explains.

“My husband didn’t know when I began doing this, but he felt so much more appreciated and valued.
On her Instagram, she is open on how she feels there is little representation of the movement in the media and how proud she is to be a “homemaker.”
The Guardian describes a “tradwife” as a woman who doesn’t work so as to look after their children, their husband, their home, and then talk non-stop about how great this is on social media. Who knew being so traditional was also so modern?

​​”For several decades we have been inundated with messages portraying the needy, desperate, and miserable housewife.”

“What we are told is truth, is the image of a woman who usually requires an excess amount of wine to deal with the woes of her family life, or she who has somehow been robbed of reaching her ‘full potential’,” she says in one of her Instagram posts.

She and her husband are now expecting a baby, a perfect little add-on to this time-defying family.