A woman who previously shaved her face daily has decided to ditch her razor and begin embracing her beard.

Nellie-Jean Robinson from Orlando, Florida used to use a razor every single day in an effort to remove her facial hair.

The thirty-five-year-old has hirsutism, a hormonal imbalance that causes excess hair. Hirsutism is often linked to polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a condition that affects how the ovaries work - something Nellie-Jean also has.

In previous years, Nellie-Jean spent hours shaving every day in order to hide her condition but now, she's decided to embrace her facial hair by allowing it to grow out.

She wasn't diagnosed with the condition until she was in her mid-twenties, despite suspecting she had it while in middle school.

As per Metro, Nellie-Jean said: "Suffering from hirsutism meant it was hard for me to make friends so it had a damning effect on my social life. I spent a lot of years hating the way that I looked so I was constantly trying to hide it and felt more comfortable going out late to like a comedy club versus going to the beach.

"It also made it hard to cultivate romantic relationships, making it difficult for me to grow close to men physically, intimately, and romantically. I always had a disclaimer about how touching my face was a 'hell no.' And I made sure I always had makeup on, which meant waking up early in the morning to shave and conceal the scarring from the shaving, or late at night to touch it up."

She would constantly carry a razor around with her in case she "ended up being anywhere overnight."

As you can imagine, it was quite the hassle for Nellie-Jean, so at the beginning of this year, she decided to let her facial hair grow so that she could have it sugar waxed.

This decision meant that she had to put the razor down and let the hair on her face grow for weeks before it could be removed again.

"Initially I was terrified but because of us being in a pandemic, it wasn't that hard to conceal my hair growth," Nellie-Jean said.

"After a couple of weeks of growing it out I actually thought it wasn't that bad, it didn't kill me like my fear had me thinking it would. I even thought: "this is quite liberating to no longer be a slave to shaving and wearing makeup".

"I haven't put a razor to my face since."

The financial analyst has been sharing and documenting her journey to self-acceptance with thousands of fans by posting videos on TikTok.

In the videos, Nellie shares things like her before and after shaving pictures with her following now over 100,000.

Speaking of her decision to share the videos, Nellie-Jean said: "I had a desire to share my story about hirsutism and PCOS because of the freedom and liberty I received from growing my hair out. The shame, embarrassment, and guilt that I experienced up until that point were no longer there. I know that there are women just like me struggling in silence who deserved to hear my story to know that they were not alone."

Nobody should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed of their body hair and Neillie-Jean is a perfect example of why we should be embracing our natural - and beautiful - selves!