Woman Divides Opinion as She’s Already Packed Away Her Christmas Decorations

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Many of us put up our Christmas decorations early in the hopes it would spread a bit of joy on this bleak year.

However, one woman revealed she has already taken her decorations down, and people are appalled by the reason why…

It is time to be spent with family, friends, and loved ones, eat good food, and exchange gifts… Even if it might look a little different this year.

Of course, the decorations play a huge part in the festivities.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of spending hours decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up all kinds of festive ornaments in our homes.

There’s nothing like spreading some Christmas magic across your home.

And with this year being particularly difficult, many of us have put our decorations up early.

Although there are some out there that can’t wait for Christmas to be over.

And the reason has infuriated Facebook users…

One woman wrote: “Put the tree back up and enjoy Christmas. Forget the housework for 5 mins.” While a second commented: “It’s very sad how people are cutting Christmas Spirit short and upsetting kids just so they can clean and have a clean house… All the spirit is gone just to clean… I don’t get it.”  

Posting on Facebook at 8 am on December 27 last year, Amy Stuart confessed she’s taken down her tree and decorations for another year.

With many putting up their trees in November and leaving them up for as long as possible, Amy’s move shocked users.  

One wrote: “I usually take my down on boxing Day as it takes up too much space.” While a second admitted: “Mine goes down first thing boxing day morning. Drives me nuts and my girls aren’t bothered about the tree after Santa has been.” A third mum confessed: “Xmas night mine comes down. Helps my son understand that Xmas is over.” What do you think? For more festive news, scroll on…

But one woman said: “Twelve days after and not a second before. Can’t have New Years’ Eve and Day with no tree. The problem is people putting them up too early and getting fed up.” I have to agree. What do you think? Keep scrolling for more festive news…