Woman Says She Doesn’t Force Her Son To Do Homework Because ‘Life’s Too Short’

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A woman has revealed that she doesn’t force her son to do any homework as “life’s too short.”


Some parents may argue that homework is a key part of a child’s learning and development.

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But, one mom would have to disagree as “life’s too short” for it.


Mom, Lynn, took to TikTok to explain that she doesn’t make her son do homework if he doesn’t want to.

In her house, completing homework is an optional thing.


In a TikTok video, posted to her account @lynnandme, Lynn answered a question that asked: “What’s one rule you have as a parent that most parents don’t have?”

Starting by explaining that she already has “the stakes I’m going to be burnt on for this one,” Lynn said that “homework was always optional in my house.”


Lynn argued that when children attend school it is like “their ‘full-time job.'”

“The last thing I want to teach my developing child is that he has to bring work home with him and work and have two hours of play a night,” she said.


Lynn said that there are consequences for her son not doing his homework, however, she doesn’t mind if he “was a C student.”

“Do I care that he knows how to set boundaries with people and things that demand his attention and balance his life and balance the fun and the work? Yeah.”

What do you think? Should children do homework?