Woman Sparks Huge Debate After Dumping Water on Kid After He Throws Water on Her Cat

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Cat content will never get old, no matter what mischief our feline friends get up to, we’re always more than willing to watch the chaos unfold. And owners of the little fluff balls would do anything to protect them.

Including 1 woman, who watched her neighbor’s child pour water over her furry friend…

Resulting in her giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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Now, these furry felines are some of the nation’s favorite pets. And even though a lot of people say they prefer dogs…

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It turns out, the beloved cat is actually a more popular choice of a pet than the high-maintenance and very needy dog.

And although they love a bit of attention from their owners…

They are also very independent pets who clean themselves and they generally create a minimal fuss in the house.

And there are so many adorable cats out there.

With lots of adorable cats being featured on the internet more frequently than ever.

Including some rather unusual ones.

Take these “Poodle Cats,” for instance.

And take a look at these ones, too.

These rather grumpy-looking Maine Coon kittens are way too cute.

No matter the breed of cat, everybody loves them.


And cats do some pretty adorable things.

Check out this cat who joined a student in class.


The 1-year-old Munchkin cat sat pretty contently underneath the desk, as not to get spotted by the teacher.

A uni student, from Xi’an in north-western China, was due to leave for class when her cat, Ba Dun, got cozy on her lap.


And so, the cat owner did the only sensible thing.

Brought her fuzzball of a friend to class.

The student explained: “I was running late for my class. I couldn’t bear letting him down, so I brought him with me to the classroom.”

And so, he hid from the lecturer by lying in her desk.


She added: “He was being really good and didn’t make any sounds.”

Ba Dun translates to eight meals, she joked: “He could definitely eat eight meals every day if I let him.”


Surprisingly, the professor didn’t notice he was there the whole time. He only found out after the adorable video was shared online.

And now, another cat owner has prioritized her pets needs, but in a way that’s sparked controversy.


Taking to Twitter, the woman, Shannon Cooper, said that her neighbor’s child poured water all over her cat.

“My ten-year-old neighbour just threw a cup of water over my cat who was sitting on the fence minding his own business n laughed,” she began in the post.

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“So I threw a basin of water over him from the window and now his dad is at my door going mental but I don’t see the problem, don’t touch my cat,” she finished in the post that now has over 71,000 retweets and 500,000 likes.

But apparently, some people aren’t on the same side as the little kitty, who got absolutely drenched for no reason.

But other cat lovers backed the little furry animal.

Here’s the original tweet.

It’s safe to say that this incident divided the internet.

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And some people like cats more than they do kids, or vice versa…

Let us know what you think.