A woman found herself in her very own rom-com after an accident led to meeting a hot firefighter.

You aren't going to want to miss this one, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, we all know the struggles of being late for an appointment...

But what happens when you also get stuck in an elevator on your way there?

Talk about bad luck.

Well, this story has the ultimate silver lining.

Hailey, from New York City, was in an elevator on her way to an appointment when everyone's worst nightmare happened... 


The elevator got stuck, trapping her along with another woman inside.

And then of course, after a few moments of panic, the fire department was called to handle the situation...


That's when things took a slightly different turn, as Hailey came face to face with her knight in shining armor, an (extremely hot) firefighter.

She shared the video on TikTok where it reached a million views in under 4 days.


After their short interaction, she couldn't help but think about him so she did what any sane woman would do...


She turned to her followers to help track him down and within a matter of days, he was found.

It seems as though his friends at the fire department stumbled across the video and showed it to him.


Responding back to Hailey with his very own TikTok video, he said this: "What's up guys, my brothers at the firehouse just showed me the video," he begins.

And it seems as though he was extremely flattered by the compliments he was getting.


"I read the comments. Thank you so much for all the love. I just wanted to make the video to say I'm glad you're safe."

After the second video also blew up, Hailey gave us a bit of an update on her account.


"I'm so shocked, I'm shook that this video blew up the way that it did. I cannot believe how many of you are invested in this, so I felt like I needed to give you all an update. So obviously he has been found. His sister found my TikTok and commented on it and then convinced him to make a TikTok."

She continued:


"So thank you friends and TikTok and internet for helping me out. It's been an extremely entertaining journey reading all of your hilarious comments all day. TrueFirefighterBliss I hope you enjoy your new internet popularity and thank you for keeping us safe."

​And then, just to add some extra spice to an already heated situation, she added this:


"Maybe I can buy you a drink sometime for saving my life. It's the least I can do. TikTok it's been a journey, I'll keep you updated."

We're screaming! This is the rom-com we signed up for!

So if we've all learned one lesson from this little fiasco, it's to make sure you shoot your shot with the hot firefighter who saves you from a broken-down elevator because who knows? It could be the start of something new... But if not, you could always get TikTok fame out of it and that's probably the equivalent of success these days.

Here's the original rescue video:


NYC I NEED YOUR HELP 🚨 please find this man that rescued me from an elevator today 🥵🔥😍🚨 ##nyc ##fdny ##firefightersoftiktok ##firemenoftiktok ##fyp

♬ original sound - Hailey

​And here's the response video too:


##duet with @firefighterbliss this is not even close to my actual reaction to seeing this video pop up

♬ original sound - David

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