Woman Finds Secret Room in Her House and Says She Wishes It Had ‘Stayed Hidden’

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This is literally anyone’s worst nightmare when moving into their new home…

That’s stating the obvious, right?

We know every room, exactly which floorboard creaks, and of course, how to get the shower to just the right temperature.

Things can become quite unfamiliar.

Because houses like these hold so much history.

But what she found was a lot more sinister than she expected.

She had only moved in a few months ago and she had discovered a cabinet left over. “We bought this house a few months ago and we’ve been slowly cleaning out different cabinets and closets,” she explained in the video.

“I was working on this one [cabinet] and as you can see, the old lady that lived here saved everything,” she explained. “But I noticed that this moved and looking into it, I can see there’s a space back here.”

And when she finally gained entry into the cabinet room, people were utterly creeped out.

But there are also several old-fashioned dolls that look creepy as hell.

And it gives off a very eerie vibe.

“This room just left me very unsettled and actually I feel really uncomfortable back here,” the woman then said. “After today I’ve decided that I’m locking this room up and I think it should go back to those who this room belongs.”

Many TikTok users pointed out that vintage dolls such as those are worth a lot of money.

And it would be worth making some money off something so creepy, right?

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