A woman recently discovered a mysterious egg growing in her home and posted a picture of it online so that she could try to figure out what the item was and of course, people were seriously freaked out.

The mom, named Amy, found the weird item in her son's wardrobe and couldn't figure out what it was so she shared it with one of her friends, who then posted a picture of it on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas.

"This is inside my friend's son's wardrobe- they don't know if it's always been there & they've never seen it or if it's just appeared. They've not long moved in," Amy's friend wrote. "Anyone got any ideas what it is? And what they should do?"

As per the Daily Star, the family had only just moved into the home so they didn't know whether the strange egg had been there for a while, or had grown very quickly.

Well, the people of Facebook started coming up with disturbing theories as to what it could be, with one person even speculating it was actually a "dinosaur egg", warning her not to touch it...

One person wrote: "Looks like some sort of nest-like a spider's nest I'd be careful not to disturb it or touch it or you might have millions of spiders crawling out, good luck. I'd call pest control!"

While another wrote: "Spider nest I had 1 in my cupboard and when I tried to move it millions of baby spiders run out everywhere."

"Get the hoover out, whatever it is will be well gone once Henry, hetty, or Dyson suck the life out of it!" another humorously wrote.

But after all that fear...


The owner of the house (presumably) posted another picture saying: "It's alright, It was just expanding foam."

And people weren't too happy...

We think those dedicated to trying to figure it out were a little angry that their guesses were wrong! One person even said it was an: "anti-climax."

But even though it's just a bit of expanded foam... I'm feeling a little on edge after hearing about thousands of crawling spiders running out of an egg. ICK!

What about you?