Court Rules Woman Who Gave Birth at 64 Is 'Unfit' To Care for Her Twins | 22 Words

A woman who gave birth to twins at the age of sixty-four has sadly lost them after a court deemed her as "unfit" to care for them.

This is a story that has certainly divided opinions...

Because as all of us parents can agree...


The thought of losing our children is simply unbearable.

Especially for mothers who have carried their children in their wombs...


The connection between a parent and their baby is unbelievably intense meaning if the baby is taken away from them, this can cause all kinds of distress and grief.

But sadly, this is a very common occurrence.


So many babies and children are taken away from their parents on a daily basis; something that can be extremely traumatic for these unfortunate families.

This is always due to a parent being deemed as unfit to care for their child...


And while this is more than often in the child's best interest, it is sometimes seen as unjust for the distraught parent.

Which is what brings us to today's rather controversial story.


A woman in Spain has sadly lost custody of her recently born twins... and it's all because of her age.

Opinion has certainly been divided over this bizarre case...


With many slamming the mother for being selfish enough to have babies at such an old age.

But on the other hand, people have been left shocked and saddened over the fact that the woman's babies were taken away from her...


The woman, who has only been identified by her first name Mauricia, is sixty-eight-years-old...


And 4 years ago, she gave birth to her twin babies at the age of sixty-four after traveling to the United States for assisted reproduction treatment.

According to The Sun, Mauricia said that "being able to have children at an older age is not a gift - it's an ability."


However, shortly after giving birth, social services assumed guardianship of the babies; coming to the conclusion that they were at risk.

She was allowed to keep in contact with the twins on the condition she was closely monitored by social services, but they soon decided she was not following their advice closely enough and decided to remove them permanently.

​Mauricia challenged the move but her appeal was rejected by the Family Court, the provincial court, and now by the Supreme Court...


Which ordered them to be placed in foster care because of a lack of proper protection with their current mother.

According to the Spanish national newspaper ABC, the court found that the twins were "in a clear situation of vulnerability" due to their mother's inability to care for them properly.

But it insisted the decision to remove them was not because of her age or mental health.


Instead, the court said the decision was because of "the indicators of the risk of minors and given the difficulties of the mother shown for some time."

Mauricia actually has another daughter, also through assisted reproduction, who is now eleven and lives in Canada. She was ruled unfit to care for that child in 2014 and she was then taken into foster care.

It's a very tricky situation...


And it's clear that the court sees Mauricia as an unfit mother whose children will be safer under the care of somebody else.

What do you think? Do you think it's fair that her children have been taken away? Or do you think it is nothing but cruel and inhumane?