It's that time of year again - graduation season is well and truly on the horizon, and we are bracing ourselves for another influx of completed thesis photos.

In today's age, people love to broadcast their special moments online for their friends and family (and, sometimes, the world) to see.

Graduation is a time of happiness, celebration, and, most importantly, relief. Years of studying - or should we say, years of crying over deadlines and papers - have built up to this one huge moment. So, of course, students are always keen to share their accomplishments online.

But one Ph.D. student has taken her announcement to a hilarious new level. Clearly sick of the smiley, happy photos of her peers, this student chose to symbolize the struggles of her degree in the most perfect way...

We love to announce our big moments on social media.

Other than the memes, what else is social media here for? Sharing the important events in our lives with our loved ones is so important, and there's no easier way to do it than to share them online.

There's been a rise in "announcement" posts online.

Got a significant life-changing announcement to make? Rustle up the likes and shares with a dramatic Facebook or Twitter post. It's the only way to generate instant fuss and attention from family and friends.

And we now live in an era of "announcers".

Queen B set the bar for this one. Excitedly calling your mom after a doctor's appointment just isn't the way to announce your pregnancy anymore. People now opt for the huge Facebook/Instagram posts, often accompanied by an emotional caption.

And once your new addition has finally arrived...

You need to dazzle your friends and followers with a beautiful photo of you lovingly cradling your little one... otherwise, it didn't happen.

And who said it has to be a baby?

Hold up. This "announcement" post doesn't have to be about a baby. Though there are some life achievements that could be compared to the pain of labor... kind of.

One P.h.D student announced her "painful" thesis completion in the most spectacular way.

Sarah Whelan Curtis, a P.h.D candidate at Emory University, was so relieved to finally finish her thesis that she incorporated the completion into a maternity shoot. Legendary.

Too precious.

via: Twitter/sarahwcurtis

The first picture shows Sarah cradling her newly completed addition to the family, which she described as the "longest labor ever," fresh from the printer.

She was glowing.

via: Twitter/sarahwcurtis

You can really see the love between a woman and her academic paper.

She's made sure to keep her little one nice and warm.

via: Twitter/sarahwcurtis

Academic literature isn't so scary when it's swaddled in a crochet blanket. Aww.

And Twitter responded accordingly.

This guy is clearly channeling the same maternal vibes as he delicately cradles his newly completed P.h.D thesis.

This woman even dressed her little one up.

When you've worked on something for years, you might as well make the final product look cute.

Though some people had words of warning...

Apparently, these fresh bundles of joy don't always live up to their expectations. This guy even lost his. Not great parenting over there, Mark...

Some people are still stuck in their labor.

This unfortunate guy is still well and truly stuck in his birthing journey.

And this woman barely made it over the finish line.

Writing 130,000 words is no easy feat, and some people just can't face the cute photo shoot afterwards.

So what have we learnt from this story?

That P.h.Ds are tough. You will be stuck with them for years, you will cry, and you will go through an awful lot of pain. But the end result will be amazing. Congrats to all the new parents... er, I mean graduates... out there!