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We've all seen a couple who look a lot alike and wondered why it was happening. Well, science has an answer, but it still doesn't take away from how weird it is. People can't seem to get over how much this one couple look alike and it's making them feel so uncomfortable...

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Some people are just objectively attractive.

It's just science.

But everyone's taste is different.

Maybe you're into beards, or brunettes, or tattoos? Different strokes for different folks, you know? And remember, everyone is attractive to someone, even those of us who are not Jason Momoa.

Being attracted to someone boils down to an ephemeral good feeling.

Attraction is this complex mix of feelings that gives us this general, good feeling. I tend to feel it when I get chills down my spine — that lets me know I'm either into someone or I have just encountered a ghost.

But it's almost impossible to pinpoint where specifically that "good feeling" comes from.

But attraction doesn't have a clear line between cause and effect, so it can be a tricky one to pin down.

But some folks? Some folks are just straight up attracted to themselves.

You know who I'm talking about — those couples consisting of two people with the same hair color, the same shape of nose, and the same body type...

It's weird when a couple looks exactly alike, right?

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You can't help but make assumptions about these kinds of couples. Are they narcissists? Couldn't they just afford a mirror? It's weird.

But most of all, it looks like they're dating their sibling.

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And here we come to the actual disconcerting part of these types of couples — it feels like they're intermingling their families. Ew.

Or worse, their twin.

Of course, we know these couples aren't actually related. That would be insane. But still, ew.

Some couples grow to look alike...

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One study from 1987 suggested that couples start to look more alike over time, because they've lived together, and shared experiences.

In other words, if you share the same environment with someone for long enough...

... the environmental factors that influence your face will also influence your partner's face. These couples have shared smiles and frowns, carried the same burdens. That leads them to develop the same wrinkles, the same hunches, the same grimaces.

But what about the people who actively pursue partners who look like themselves?

There are a lot of reasons people date those who look like them, and none of them are quite what you think. In a story from Time, Justin Lehmiller of the Kinsey Institute is looking into the phenomenon. “These traits might come to be seen as comforting," he said to Time. “They’re familiar to you."

The idea is, you know your face, and presumably, like it.

No matter how self-deprecating you might be around your friends, or how able you are to talk yourself into hating your appearance, we all have a framework for what looks good, and that framework mostly comes from looking at ourselves.

Then, subconsciously, you're more likely to choose a partner who shares similarities with your face.

Lehmiller also said, "people naturally gravitate toward people who are familiar, even though the whole process is likely subconscious." So when you're sitting in that weird stew that is attraction, you're not thinking, "I am familiar with this nose shape and am therefore into this person." You're just intuitively going "okay they're cute."

Well, this one British couple have claimed they never noticed.

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Until someone else mentioned it to the woman, and now she can't unsee it.

After posting a photograph, Amy Preston could not believe what she was seeing.

A friend told Amy that her boyfriend Benjamin Radcliffe looked like her long lost twin and of course, then hundreds of comments from strangers agreed on the Facebook post. Yikes. Keep scrolling to see the photos.

She was so creeped out that she even went to ask her parents an uncomfortable question...

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"Are we related?" She asked them, and thankfully, her parents denied the claims and told her that it was just an uncanny resemblance.

But it's still weird, right?

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The two have only been dating for a few months and even after the comments from people, she's admitted that it's weird but it's not "put her off [him]."

This is what she had to say about the situation:

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"Since my friend pointed out that we look the same, I haven't been able to 'unsee' our facial similarities. It's crazy that he looks more like me than my younger brother, Jack. Yeah, he definitely looks more like me than my brother, Jack, and my two older sisters, Ellie and Chloe."

She continued:

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"Benjamin said he thinks we look alike too and finds it all very bizarre, especially as we hadn't noticed before. Benjamin is only a few inches taller than me too so I can imagine that when we are out and about together once lockdown is over that we might start getting a few comments about being siblings."

"I had never thought we looked similar before but now I can't help but think it."

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She also mentioned that she'll just dye her hair to try and avoid the problem. I hear rose-gold hair is totally in right now, so that might be the option. Can you see it? Keep scrolling to see more relationship dilemmas...