Woman Gets Waveform Tattoo That Can Play a Voicemail From Her Late Grandmother | 22 Words

Tattoos have always been an incredible source of self-expression. Anything from a simple butterfly to a complicated design can hold significant meaning. After all, it's all about the story behind the tattoo.

For one young woman, her tattoo brings a whole new meaning to being emotionally significant. Usually when you think of a tattoo, you don't think of it as making a sound. Well Twitter user @sakyrahhh's tattoo not only makes a sound, but plays the voicemail left by her late grandmother. Get your tissues ready.

@sakyrahhh uploaded a video of her tattoo to Twitter on January 2nd.

@sakyrahhh explains that her grandmother passed away her junior year of high school. A month prior to her passing, she left a "Happy Birthday" message for her granddaughter.

She then got that exact waveform tattooed across her heart.

She is then able to play the actual voicemail by just holding her phone's camera over the waveform. Hello amazing technology! Now, where are those tissues?

@sakyrahhh used a company called "Skin Motion" to get the incredible tattoo.

According to their website, you can get up to 30 seconds of audio tattooed onto your body. You just need your phone and to download the Skin Motion app.

The website offers a network of tattoo artists skilled in Soundwave Tattoos.

You can even download the app and try example tattoos if you're feeling skeptical. According to the website, the tattoo technology is a "combination of audio processing, image recognition, computer vision, and cloud computing to create a mixed reality experience."

Tons of people reached out to @sakyrahhh with their support and also shared their own meaningful tattoos.

Isn't that the greatest part about the internet? Strangers can come together and bond through the web. Try not to tear up as you scroll through the responses on Twitter.

There's nothing like starting out 2018 with a little kindness from strangers on the internet.

In order to work, a Soundwave Tattoo needs to be done on a flat surface. If the tattoo is curved in any way, the sound part of it will not work.

There's also plenty of love going around for the actual tattoo artist behind the piece.

Creating that design is no easy task! If they don't tattoo it properly, then the design won't play the soundbite chosen.

After getting the SoundWave Tattoo, you just purchase the activation so you can hear it being played.

The activation process can take anywhere from 24-48 hours. After that time period, you can play your tattoo as many times as you want with the app!

You also have to make sure you have the copyright to any sound you get tattooed.

So chances are, you won't be able to get a snippet of your favorite song. But that's what makes the service so special; you're getting something tattooed that's fully unique to you and your life.

We completely agree with this tweet...this truly is one of the cutest and sweetest tattoos ever.

It's a beautiful way to remember a loved one, and to hear their voice again whenever you're missing the sound of it. Sure, technology can be scary and overwhelming but it's also nice to know how much good it actually does. What a lovely way to start out 2018!