We've heard a lot of strange things before, but this one might be up there as one of the strangest.

As a woman has given birth to twin brothers, but ten years apart.

Yup, we can't understand it either.

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We live in a world of weird and wonderful things.

Some more than others.

Most of it all thanks to mother nature.

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The giver of life.

It blesses us with some of the most wonderful things.

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Including the births of thousands of babies every year.

An incredible moment for the families involved.

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After waiting nine months they finally get their own bundle of joy.

There are a few times when you having a baby that something unexpected might happen though...

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Like having twins.

Some women are lucky enough to have twins.

But despite being lucky, nothing could prepare you for the surprise of that.

What would be even more of a surprise than twins though?




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One women once even found out that her twins don't have the same dad.

Here's another one for you...

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What about giving birth to twin brothers that are ten years apart.

That's got to be up there with pretty big surprises.

So much of a surprise that it almost doesn't sound possible.

But believe us, it definitely is possible.

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As one woman in China discovered. Though fortunately, it didn't come as a surprise to her.

The woman gave birth to one of her twins in the Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

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According to the New York Post, a woman delivered a baby boy that was conceived through IVF.

The same way that the woman's older son was also conceived.

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The two brothers, ten years apart, were reportedly conceived as a batch of embryos in 2009, the Hubei Maternal and Child Health Hospital shared in a social media post.

The lady, Ms. Wang, had been trying for a baby naturally for five years before eventually turning to IVF.

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The embryos were conceived using the same sperm and eggs and one was implanted into Ms. Wang.

This resulted in her older son who was born in 2010.

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Those remaining were frozen for a later date when she decided to have her second child.

The post included an explanation from a doctor at the hospital.

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Dr. Zheng Jie, a fertility specialist said, "From a medical perspective, Lulu and Tongtong are twin brothers."

Both of the children weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces when born.

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A very strange coincidence.

The proud mum has reportedly christened him Tongtong.

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When translated means Same same.

Now the eldest brother has a sibling to play with.

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In fact, he has a twin brother to play with.

At least this mum was prepared for her twins.

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