Woman Goes Viral for ‘Millennial Rant’ She Sent to Reporter but Many Agree With What She Said

A reporter asked a woman what perks millennials want to see when working for a company, and honestly, nobody could have answered that question any better…

A millennial workforce spokesperson, and mindset coach going by the TikTok handle MillennialMoneyWitch recently told a reporter exactly what the generational group need in a workplace…

And many people agreed with every single word she ranted.

“I just wrote the longest millennial rant to a reporter looking for sources on what perks millennials want in the workplace,” Jessie Dasilva began in a TikTok video that now has over 907.5k views.

And although in the video, she said that they wouldn’t use her as a source in their story…

They absolutely did.

“I said millennials want better pay and benefits, not perks,” she continued on telling her TikTok followers. “The biggest mistake I see is companies assuming Millenials want perks like nap pods, snack rooms, free avocado toast, or whatever else.

“Those things might seem cool on a company website, but they will never make up for a thrive-able wage, good benefits, vacation time, and the ability to learn and grow with a company.” Too right!

And she makes a point that most businesses tend to look past an extremely important factor…

Millennials are not “entry-level applicants.”

“Millennials tend to be highly educated and qualified,” she rants. “However, because they started their careers right around the 2008 recession (or attempted to), they either took massive hits to their salaries, were forced to take internships instead of full-time work, or enroll in graduate school programs to live off of financial aid, and hope they would be more employable with an advanced degree.”

And the recession Dasilva mentions, caused the U.S alone, to lose over 8.7 million jobs, as per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics.

So, you can see why millennials aren’t just wanting any old perks to keep them happy…

And this is when the video got real.

Asking the question: “How do you attract top millennial talent, and how do you get them to stay?” Dasilva quickly became a voice for a lot of forgotten people.

“Pay them well above minimum wage, with at least a 5 percent raise every year to accommodate for the increased cost of living with clear, definable goals that give the opportunity for meritorious raises,” she started off, also mentioning a need for benefits that: “Cover mental health and infertility treatment.”

She was certainly the voice people needed to hear.

via TikTok

via TikTok

So, let’s hope millennials finally start to get what they deserve.

Fingers crossed.