A woman has gone viral this week after she appeared on TLC's My Feet Are Killing Me to seek medical help for her "extremely rare" super-long big toe...

And people have been left feeling both fascinated and, quite frankly, a little freaked out.

Scroll on to take a look for yourselves...

Now, when it comes to the hygiene and health of our feet...


It's either one or the other.

A person either has no problems with their lovely-looking feet...


Or they experience the complete opposite.

​Sadly, many people find themselves dealing with strange health problems when it comes to their feet...


Ranging from mild infections to devastating conditions that can leave a person living in constant discomfort and pain.

And TLC's My Feet Are Killing Me explores this very problem.

The popular reality series shadows podiatrist surgeons as they tackle extreme and bizarre foot issues of desperate patients, and people are well and truly hooked on the squeamish nature of the show.

The show has featured some of the most extreme cases that have ever been dealt with by professionals...

And many patients have had to undergo life-changing surgery to repair their severely damaged feet.


But a recent episode has gotten everyone talking...

YouTube / TLC

Because a woman showcased her "extremely rare" big toe that has been causing her some serious discomfort over the years.

And people are fascinated.


Foot and ankle surgeon Doctor Brad Schaeffer met with Anna Tantillo to discuss the options for her abnormal toes.

YouTube / TLC

Anna suffers from "extremely rare" oversized big toes that have gradually caused her a lot of pain, discomfort over the years... and not to mention how difficult it is for her to wear shoes and walk in them!

She told Dr. Schaeffer that it "hurts really bad"...

YouTube / TLC

And that she felt visiting him was her "last option" to get her toes sorted.

After revealing her big toes, Dr. Schaeffer explained that they're likely to cause all sorts of problems later down the line.

YouTube / TLC

"When you have a foot where your toe is, like, double the size that jamming in a shoe, every step you take - that's going to cause arthritis, that's going to create jamming of the joints, and it's going to cause pain every step," he said.

"I've personally never seen a patient that has this long of a big toe."

YouTube / TLC

"It's extremely rare," Dr. Schaeffer is heard saying as he inspects Anna's feet.

While it is currently unknown as to whether Anna received effective treatment for her abnormal toes...

YouTube / TLC

People have been sending in well-wishes for the unfortunate lady and they hope she has been able to get treatment for her condition.

You can watch the clip of Anna's appointment here:

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