A woman has gone viral after taking to social media to complain about her boyfriend's unconventional bathroom habits.

The internet has been left shocked after hearing what the woman had to say.

Her boyfriend, despite his best attempts to justify it, has left many utterly disgusted.

The unidentified twenty-one-year-old woman has confronted her boyfriend about this in the past...

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But she has been branded by her boyfriend as unreasonable for complaining.

It's starting to take a toll on their relationship...

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And the woman's desperate plea for her boyfriend to amend his eyebrow-raising bathroom habits has reached Reddit, where thousands of users expressed their disbelief.

And, it's safe to say...

Reactions came flooding in.

People were truly horrified...

The woman took to Reddit to seek advice on whether she should confront her boyfriend about the bathroom-themed issue.

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"Sooooo I lurk on Reddit a lot and my boyfriend doesn't, so I sometimes tell him about entertaining/interesting posts I see on here," she began her post. "Usually it's just memes or funny stuff, but sometimes it's threads on here that are about really wild relationship drama."

Things quickly escalate.

"The other day I read out loud a thread about someone whose boyfriend didn't wipe his a*s after pooping and would get streak stains on his underwear," she continued.

"I expected him to laugh but he just kind of stared at me for a second and said, "well it's because he doesn't get enough fiber."

"I asked what he meant and was like 'if you have enough fiber, you have solid poop that breaks off cleanly and you don't need to wipe'."

Yes, you read that correctly. We are horrified too...

"I was stunned. Sometimes he likes to troll me so I thought that was the case, but he was dead serious," the post continues.

"I asked him if he doesn't wipe and he said he has good nutrition so there's no need."

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"I kept insisting that there's always going to be some residue and that you need to use toilet paper after pooping, and he just got mad and said I need to take fiber supplements since obviously I must have loose stools and he said I was 'projecting'."

Sadly for the woman in question, it didn't end there...

Because her boyfriend went a step further and bought her some fiber supplements. "I was just going to drop it, but he went grocery shopping the other day and BROUGHT HOME SOME FIBER SUPPLEMENTS FOR ME," she wrote.

"He laughed and said that I should be glad he chips into the cost of toilet paper, since I'm the only one who needs it."

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"I got frustrated and said he was being a d***, but he said he was joking (about the toilet paper, not the supplements) and that I was being too sensitive."

"I said I was really grossed out by him not wiping and I've felt unattracted to him since then... we've had sex twice since then but I wasn't into it at all and couldn't get turned on."

"I want to tell him this but I know he'll just get mad again and make fun of me."

She then issues a plea for help...

"Should I just drop the subject or insist he start wiping? I don't want our sex life to suffer and I'm tired of him talking about f****** fiber, but now I'm wondering if I *am* just acting crazy."

In a follow-up comment, the woman confirmed many of our suspicions.

Adding: "I've never smelled anything, in his defense... he showers daily, so I guess any residue comes off then? "It just grosses me out to think about him not wiping though."

It's definitely still gross...

Although, we hope the pair managed to resolve their toilet-related drama. For more like this, scroll on to see what happened when a woman washed her boyfriend's pillows for the first time in 10 years...