Woman Invited a Tinder Date Home, Then He Stole Her Dog | 22 Words

Online dating! What's not to love? The chance for a romantic encounter with someone you otherwise may never have had the chance to meet? It's truly the stuff dreams are made of... right?

Unless, you know, those dreams actually turn out to be nightmares in disguise.

It all started like most first dates do these days.


Girl wants to meet someone, pulls out her phone, swipes continuously through Tinder for hours looking for someone to love.

Finally, girl settles on a suitable match and the two agree to meet up.


Alright, alright, alright. Let's get this party started. Are those church bells I hear ringing?

Boy comes over to meet the lady who chose him and... things take a weird turn rather quickly.


Here are the facts:

1.) Man comes over.


2.) Man brings a friend along for the date (safety first, bro).

3.) Man and woman start talking, leaving weird, uninvited friend alone in the house.


And then... the unthinkable happens.

They stole her freakin' dog.

Seriously guys? It's hard enough to get ladies to go out with us without making them fear that we are going to steal their beloved furry friends.

While the lady was distracted, the two strange men made off with her dog, her laptop, and... an unopened Amazon package?


What if the Amazon box was just full of toothbrush heads, or tampons, or shoe polish? What a random thing to steal. At this point, I'm starting to think those aren't wedding bells after all. They sound more like police sirens. But how on earth are they going to catch him? It's not like she has his name and photo from social media, or... Oh wait.

It likely wouldn't have taken them long to find the criminals even without the social media help, but luckily, it let them find the culprits quickly.

The happy pooch was found safe and sound at a local animal shelter! Thank goodness.

While we still don't know the motivations of the two jerks who snatched the pup, we do know that people on social media are NOT happy about this new development in online dating.

You might be surprised at who they find fault with, too.

No matter what, the good news is that laptops can be replaced and hearts can heal...

...but a good canine friend can never be replaced! So, what about the dog-nappers?

As for the guys who took the precious pooch...


Yeah. They probably do.

What is YOUR worst online dating experience?


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