Woman Who Jumped Into Spider Monkey Enclosure Fired From Job

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A woman who was filmed jumping into a spider monkey enclosure at an El Paso zoo has been fired from her job because of her irresponsible antics.

Keep scrolling for the shocking footage…

And quite predictably, the internet is not impressed over the woman’s behavior.

Now, although zoos and animal sanctuaries have barriers and fences in place for a reason…

Many people out there feel it is perfectly safe to ignore these restrictions and experience a much more close and personal encounter with captive animals.

This is, of course, a terribly stupid idea…

And people have been dangerously injured and – in some extreme cases – killed as a result of entering a wild animal enclosure.

But this simply doesn’t phase some people…

Which is what brings us back to today’s shocking story.

Over the weekend, a woman decided to climb over a barrier at the El Paso Zoo to get up close and personal to a group of spider monkeys.

According to experts, while spider monkeys look cute, they can often become violent toward humans who try to domesticate them or get too close to them in the wild.

This gives no exception to spider monkeys in captivity…

Which is what makes the woman’s recent antics all the more foolish.

The woman was filmed by a friend as she waded through shallow waters to approach 2 of the monkeys, named Libby and Sunday, according to Metro.

She appears to have food in her hand – which was later confirmed to be a packet of hot Cheetos – and she’s seen laughing as the monkeys tentatively approach her and take the Cheetos from her hand.

The woman then walks on the shallow water away from the animals as someone is heard laughing…

And a person is seen giving her a hand to get out of the enclosure safely.

El Paso Zoo Director Joe Montisano has called the woman “stupid and lucky”…

And zookeeper Mason Kleist elaborated:
“These are primates we’re talking about, they could do some substantial damage to you,” Kleist told KVIA on Sunday. “They may be small monkeys but they can take you to the ground if they wanted to.”

The woman also endangered Libby and Sunday because spider monkeys have a special diet and consuming other food could cause them to have stomach problems or bowel disruptions.

On top of that, they are susceptible during the pandemic.
“Anything that we have they could get as well so Covid is no different,” Kleist said. “We took the necessary steps to prevent them from getting that, so for someone to just go in there and give them food from their hands could just ruin that.”

The woman has since been identified as Lucy Rae, a litigation assistant in its personal injury division… ironically!

A spokesperson for the firm told KVIA that Rae was fired that day after the zoo flagged her as a trespasser.
The firm said it did not condone Rae’s actions or know about her intentions, that she may face criminal charges as El Paso police said the zoo filed a complaint, and the case is under investigation.

So, there you have it…

Never climb into an animal enclosure! You can watch the shocking footage above.
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