Woman Gets L and R Tattooed on Each Hand | 22 Words

Learning your left from your right is probably one of the first things we learn growing up, however, there are people out there that still struggle with directions...

But one woman has come up with the perfect solution...

And it'll stay with her forever.

An Australian woman who always struggled to tell left from right has found the answer...

By having her hands tattooed.

Twenty-three-year-old D'Kodia Laine, got the strange tattoo done on February 3 by Lauren Winzer.

And it's fair to say she got some amusing reactions from friends when she showed them the finished piece...

"I just got a lot of laughing back and [messages like] 'oh you were being serious!'" she said.


And her friends aren't the only ones commenting on her new ink, she has received a lot of mixed reviews online...

Her boyfriend, however, is delighted that she won't ever struggle with directions again.

"He's grateful that now he won't get secondhand embarrassment!" she said.

Laine said she had always found it difficult to navigate left and right growing up...

"My friends would joke about how silly it looks having an adult make the L shape with your hands to differentiate," she said.

Although the issue came to a head during a scavenger hunt at a party with her friends last year, where Laine was the navigator for her team.

After making "a few wrong turns," a friend drew an 'L' and 'R 'on her hands, joking that she should get them tattooed.

"It started as a joke but it's actually super useful and I don't look dumb making an L with my fingers to figure it out," she said.

A photo of the tattoos has gained over 4 thousand likes since they were uploaded yesterday, with many commenters in support of her decision. "Not only are tattoos cute, but they can also be super functional! Good luck with all your future directions, happy to help guide you," Winzer wrote in the caption.

One woman commented: "I love this! I definitely need to do this myself."

A second tagged her friends, writing: "Have I not said I wanted this done?!"

Others agreed they would benefit from having the same tattoos done.

"Based on the comments on the photo on Lauren's page it seems to be a tattoo a lot of people are saying they need so I don't feel too dumb now," Laine said.

We love them!

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