Woman Enjoys Champagne and Cigarette in Her Last Moments at Assisted Dying Clinic

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A woman enjoyed a glass of champagne and a cigarette in her last few moments as she passed away surrounded by friends at an assisted dying clinic.


Dawn Voice-Cooper died after traveling to the Lifecircle clinic, an assisted dying clinic, in Switzerland.

Surrounded by her friends, Dawn died peacefully after a fatal dose of barbiturates was released into her bloodstream.


Dawn made the decision to end her life after facing a daily battle with a host of incurable health problems.

Suffering from the likes of severe arthritis, repeated brain bleeds, and epilepsy, Dawn was determined to end her life before the quality deteriorated further, the Mirror reports.


The seventy-six-year-old described her life as full of “endless, often difficult, and usually painful, daily management of several, incurable issues.”

And added that those who say she looks fine, “don’t know what’s really going on inside.”


Although Dawn made the decision to die, she had to make it earlier than planned while she was still fit to travel.

“Part of me wants to go on campaigning, but the rational part of me knows that this could lead to not even being able to travel,” she told the Mirror. “I am going before I want to, but this will never get better, it will get worse.”


When her health began to deteriorate 2 years ago, Dawn, who was a campaigner for assisted dying to be legalized in the United Kingdom, applied for an assisted death.

In her application, Dawn was required to submit her medical history to prove she was mentally competent and explain her reasons for wanting an assisted death. Once in Switzerland, she was also seen by 2 separate doctors.


A police report will now take place as it does following every assisted death at the Lifecircle clinic.

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Dawn’s body will then be cremated and her ashes scattered.

Rest in peace.