Woman Leaps 82 Feet to Her Death Without Bungee Cord Attached After Being Given Signal to Jump Too Early

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A life lead by adrenaline and thrills can be a sensational way to live, but not when it comes at the cost of your own life. And one mom realized that when one of her adrenaline-filled activities took a tragic turn when she jumped to her death during a bungee-jumping incident…

A mom has died after being given the signal to jump without her bungee cord.

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Yevgenia Leontyeva, a thirty-three-year-old mom, who loved the riskier hobbies in life, leaped eighty-two feet to her unfortunate, and unexpected death without a secured free-flying cord in Karaganda, Kazakhstan.
A health spokesperson told East2West news on Sunday that: “Despite the ongoing medical measures, the patient died.”

And a tourist even filmed the distressing incident.

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As the mom-of-3 prepared to jump, she was seen standing at the top of a hotel, and while her harness was being attached to her, a man said: “I love you” for, what he wasn’t aware, would be the last time.
The mom also had 3 boys, 2 of which were her own, both under the age of fourteen, and who belonged to a relative who’d previously passed away.

The jump went heart-wrenchingly wrong.

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Leontyeva was given the go-ahead to leap before the organizer secured her free-flying rope to the tree, resulting in an outcry from her friend, who was set to jump after her as the mom fell eighty-two feet to the ground.

And the mom was then rushed straight to the hospital.

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After her jump which pulled the organizer to the floor with the force of her fall, emergency services raced to the hospital where the mom would receive surgery immediately.
But despite the surgery, she didn’t make it through.
“The patient was operated on. A craniotomy was performed and the removal of the haematoma,” said a local spokesperson.

Her heart-breaking death is now being investigated by authorites.

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Because the woman was told to jump by the organizer before her rope was properly secured, ensuring absolute safety, the sports company may be charged with “negligence”, only having to serve a maximum of forty days in prison.

My heart goes out to the mom’s children, and the rest of her family and friends. Rest in peace.