Woman Left Humiliated at the Beach After Boyfriend Gives Her a Dissolving Bikini

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A woman was left humiliated at the beach after her prankster of a boyfriend gifted her a “dissolving bikini” and left her naked in the sea. The video footage has caused some controversy, to say the least…

In the clip, a boyfriend decided to prank his girlfriend by giving her a dissolving bikini, but fans noticed something very strange in it…

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If it’s not one person leaving a negative comment, it’s another. But this man had the shock of his life when most of his comments were criticizing him for his antics.

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Julius is a magician who enjoys playing tricks on his girlfriend, Estelle.

And this one falls heavily into the latter category.

In the clip, the couple were at the beach while on vacation when he had gifted his girlfriend a bikini. After watching what happened next, reactions came pouring in.

So a few seconds after she got into the sea, the swimwear would fully dissolve in the water, leaving her stark naked in a public place.

You can hear him in the video saying: “So when my girlfriend gets into the water, the bikini is going to dissolve. Oh my gosh, this is so bad. “Oh my God, she’s touching the water. Get in the water, Estelle, get in the water. There we go, there we go. Oh my gosh. Just touch the water – in you go.”

“Now according to the instruction manual, it should take 15-30 seconds for the chemicals to kick in to make the bikini dissolve… this is so bad but so good.”

She starts looking around, before shouting over to her boyfriend on the sand: “Julius, my bikini. I think I lost it. It’s stolen. I don’t know where my bikini is. I can’t find it anywhere. I need a towel.”

She wraps it around her while she’s still in the sea and smiles over to him. At least she took it well. Other women would have probably ended the relationship right there and then.

Comments started flooding in, taunting and discrediting the magician. There were also lots of slightly creepy comments about Estelle and how some people enjoyed knowing she was naked in the water… Yikes. Keep scrolling for the full video.

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