Coronavirus continues to dominate headlines across the globe.

Just as in many parts of the world COVID-19 is slowly beginning to drop, in other areas we're witnessing second waves of the deadly virus...

One things for certain - face-masks are vital to defeating the virus, however that's not to say we need to be wearing them 24/7. How so? Well, it's impossible to eat through a face-mask isn't it?

Unfortunately for one couple, a very angry woman took a disliking to them having a picnic on their own, so she decided to mace them and it was captured on video.

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As you will all be well aware by now, the world is currently under siege by a devastating and deadly virus.

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Since December 2019, global headlines have been adorned by continuously terrifying news about the spread of the notorious virus.

And, at first glance, the statistics are terrifying.

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At the time of writing, there have been 16,000,000 confirmed cases.

And of that, there have been 644,000 deaths.

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A horrifying number.

It's been a truly dire couple of months.

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In a bid to combat the spread of the virus, various world leaders have imposed lockdowns upon their countries.

Millions are now quarantined to their homes...

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With strict social-distancing rules preventing them from having any physical contact with friends and loved ones.

It's an undeniably difficult time...

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And the only thing getting many people through these dark times is the idea that, by remaining self-isolated, they are helping to slowly rid the world of the devastating pandemic.

But thankfully we have begun seeing many amazing stories being shared.

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From people who have managed to recover from the virus...

One ninety-three-year-old patient defied all odds by beating the virus.

He was seen slowly leaving the hospital, and shaking the hands of each medical worker who had fought hard to save his life.

Firefighters surprised their colleague who had recently recovered from the virus.

A firefighter had the best surprise when he was finally able to be discharged from the hospital - his full squad were stood outside waiting.

One new mom was diagnosed with the virus shortly after giving birth...

And, thankfully, she has since been given the all-clear, and can now return home to her child.

All of these stories bring back a little bit of positivity.

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That is much needed at the minute.

Because, after months and months of bad news...

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I think it's about time we had a little bit of good news, don't you?

Well, here's a little bit more.

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According to figures, it's believed around 9.8 million people have recovered from COVID-19.

Which is incredible news!

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And probably the pick-me-up we all needed to hear.

Now we are entering the new normal.

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With lockdown restrictions easing across the globe, we are entering what they are calling 'the new normal', suggesting the world will never go back to the same state of normality as before.

But despite the statistics.

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Some people still aren't taking coronavirus all that seriously...

Coronavirus isn't a joke.

Yes things in much of the world seem to be getting better - but we have to take this virus seriously.

One way we can do this.

Is by wearing face-masks, with experts across the globe explaining just how important they are when it comes to stopping the virus from spreading.

Wear a mask.

Wear one when you're walking down the street or in any public space at all for that matter.

However sometimes it's not possible to wear a mask.

Such as when you're eating or drinking - and that's fine. But one couple in San Diego, California were recently attacked by a woman who sprayed them with mace for not wearing masks.

The couple were eating a picnic.

And according to reports, there weren't that many people around - it was just the couple and their 3-month old pug enjoying a bite to eat in the sun. When the 'Karen' turned up, flipped them off, called them 'idiots', and was generally just abusive. Then she got out the mace.

The footage has gone viral.

The shocking footage of the attack has since gone viral, showing the immediate aftermath of what had happened. In the clip a woman can be heard crying in the background, as the attacker walks away after being confronted by the man and another woman. Check it out.

But remember.

Things certainly aren't back to normal just yet - and we need to make sure we keep following the restrictions and guidelines in place. Or things could get much worse.