Nowadays, there are all kinds of ways to line your pockets that don't involve getting a 9 til 5.

The internet has opened up a whole host of opportunities for people to get creative and make their buck. One of those people is twenty-one-year-old Mikayla Saravia.

Mikayla, who is from West Palm Beach, Florida, is what you might call an "influencer." But this social media wielder has a little bit more about her than your average photo-taking Insta celeb...

She's got a really long tongue! - trust me, I'll explain.

But before I fill you in on how Mikayla Saravia has made her fortune through showing off the longitude of her mouth organ, let's explore some of the other weird and wacky ways people make an income in 2019.

Fancy a career as a professional mourner?

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An ideal career move for anyone that enjoys a good funeral. Personally, I feel like I wouldn't do so well in this field. Every time I go to a funeral, the seriousness of the whole thing overwhelms me so much that I feel compelled to laugh, interrupt the priest, or do something equally as disrespectful. Professional mourning is actually fairly common in Mediterranean countries. They call them "moirologists." The role involves mourning, and often also reading out the eulogy. There's also money to be had as a professional wailer - these people are paid to cry at funerals! So, if you are a good crier, this could be the dream job.


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Perhaps a bit more cheery than getting paid to go to funerals... you can make money renting out yourself to be someone's buddy. Now, it might look like that guy up there with the soccer ball has a bunch of friends... but, really, they are all hired friends! Most of them went to acting school, really convincing, right? Apparently, you can charge up to $50 an hour, so, really, it's a career move worth considering.


Now, this bizarre money-maker first started in Korea but is now popular all over the world. Doing a mukbang is essentially being paid to have people watch you eat. It's not that creepy, some people just don't want to eat alone... live-chatting a stranger as they eat can make some people feel less lonely. I mean, who are we to judge? There is a weirder side to Mukbanging, where people get off in watching tiny framed ladies eating excessive amounts of food, but, eh, let's not go down that wormhole.

Competitive eating.

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If you've got a healthy appetite, competitive eating could be right up your street. All over the U.S., you can enter competitive food competitions. Sometimes, you just get the meal for free (but: free food!); in others, you can win cash prizes. So, if you think you could eat a hundred hot dogs faster than the next guy, maybe it's time you quit your office job and got serious.

Have you got a high heat tolerance?

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You don't have to be a big eater to make it big-time. If you can eat a ghost pepper or five without rolling around on the ground crying out for your mama, you could consider becoming a competitive chili eater. Again, there are competitions up and down the country that you could enter, with plenty of cash prizes. Why not take a sabbatical, hire a camper, load it up with milk and anti-acid reflux meds, and go on your way?!

Sell your hair!

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Mikayla Saravia might have been able to make her fortune for having a long tongue, but that's not the only part of the body worth a few bucks! If you don't have an extra-long tongue, there's no need to despair. You can sell your hair! Sadly, I'm not sure that it could be a full-time job, though. If, like me, your hair takes ages to grow, it might be a while before your next paycheck. Consider it a freelancing opportunity!

Breeding weird pets.

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Plenty of people live the life of Riley, making their fortune breeding exotic pets. I guess, by exotic pets, they probably don't mean Okapi's... which, in case you didn't know, is a cross between a zebra and a giraffe. How strange, right?!

This profession is mostly about cat and dog breeding.

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I wonder how you can breed a cat to have different colored eyes? Breeding pedigree dogs and cats can really make you a fortune. People will pay thousands of dollars for "pure" rare breeds.

Being funny can pay in 2019.

Take long-tongued influencer, Mikayla Saravia, for instance. I mean, as impressive as her long tongue is, I'm sure she wouldn't be quite as successful as she is today if she couldn't make people laugh. Take this post that she made mocking the dual lenses on the new iPhone... funny, right?

Mikayla really puts herself out there...

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Would you pretend to be a Thanksgiving turkey for the sake of two million adoring Instagram fans? I mean, even if you're willing to baste yourself in oil and stick pineapple rings to your naked bod, it takes a special kind of person to make it funny. Which is exactly what Mikayla did last Thanksgiving. The video is too explicit for us to post, but you can view it here.

Mikayla's tongue certainly makes her stand out.

Her now-trademarked tongue apparently rolls in at an impressive 6.5 inches long. To put that into perspective, an average tongue is 3.3 inches (according to Google) and the new iPhone 11 is 6.2 inches. Basically her tongue is real long!

It's all about branding...

The twenty-one-year-old Instagram star knows the importance of a personal brand. That and being able to twerk!

Mikayla is also popular due to her impressive derriere.

The Insta star with two million follows posts a lot of pictures showing off her backside. Her long tongue isn't the only thing that Mikayla monetizes.

Violin twerking.

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There's more than one video on Mikayla's Instagram account of her twerking and getting her tongue out while someone plays the violin. Whether this is all part of her personal brand, I'm not completely certain, but it seems that way. I have no idea what the association between violins and twerking is but, hey, I'm not about to start questioning it.

It's the role of the influencer to share everything with their followers.

It's probably one of the hardest parts of the "job." When your fans get used to catching up with you every day, watching your posts, watching your life, stepping back can be really detrimental to your image. This is why, when big influencers like Mikayla end up in the hospital for whatever reason, they feel as though they have to let their fans know. Otherwise, they're letting them down... apparently.

It's worth it all for that cash dollar though.

Mikayla makes a lot of her fortune through her branded merchandise. As an Instagram influencer, she also gets paid through advertising and by monetizing her Instagram and Youtube account. This year, Mikayla got serious about her personal brand and set up a merchandise store. Discussing her profit margins, the long-tongued star said: "Last year I made a little under $50k - should be better this year because I've already doubled that amount."

Mikayla doesn't just sell tees emblazoned with her personal brand...

The twenty-one-year-old influencer also makes a lot of her money from her more unusual products. It is perhaps these other products on her site that garner the most attention and are the reason that she makes such a substantial amount of moolah each year. I mean, Kylie Jenner became a billionaire selling lip gloss; why shouldn't Mikayla Saravia make her fortune selling... other "innovative" products. I say good on the headstrong businesswoman, I wish her well with all of her future endeavors. As for me? I think I'll stick to crying at the funerals of people I've never met. Want to learn more about the life of an Instagram influencer? Keep scrolling to learn all about this guy who's mom works two jobs to fund his Insta famous lifestyle...