A woman has made history this week after becoming the first female to serve as head coach during an NBA game.

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This is a fantastic start to 2021.

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Despite how turbulent the past year has been for the majority of people, it has undeniably been a groundbreaking twelve months for feminism.

For decades, women have been fighting for equality...

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And, in 2020, we saw more examples of the gender fairness we have been craving than ever before. For example...

Kamala Harris made history after being elected as our next vice-president.

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We all remember this one. Following Biden's election success in November, Harris is set to become the first female, first Black, and first South Asian American to serve as vice-president.

Lashana Lynch was also confirmed as the first Black female 007 in the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die.

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Harper's Bazaar confirmed the historic news last year, where they also revealed Lynch's character, Nomi, will take over the 007 spy code name when James Bond disappears following the events of Spectre.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave that speech.

After being verbally accosted by Representative Ted Yoho on the steps of our Nation's capitol, the trailblazing New York congresswoman took a stand and gave a moving, defiant, and powerful speech in Congress about not only Yoho's words but about the systemic negative language used against women. Her speech quickly went viral, and thus inspired thousands of girls and women across the nation.

Deb Haaland became the first female Native American to hold a cabinet position.

On her groundbreaking achievement, she Tweeted this: "A voice like mine has never been a Cabinet secretary or at the head of the Department of Interior. Growing up in my mother’s Pueblo household made me fierce. I’ll be fierce for all of us, our planet, and all of our protected land. I am honored and ready to serve."

The first American woman to walk in space reached the deepest point in the ocean.

In June, Dr. Kathy Sullivan reached the Challenger Deep, which is the lowest of the many seabed recesses that span the globe. No one had ever reached such depths before.

And, on the other side of the pond, Scotland became the first country in the world to provide free and universal access to period products.

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After a 4 year campaign, the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act was passed unanimously, meaning young girls and women across the nation will have access to free sanitary products.

Greece swore in its first female president.

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Amid the global chaos, former high court judge, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, became the country's first woman president in March. As per ABC News, Sakellaropoulou said at the event: "I hope that the election of a woman for the first time to the highest position of the country will improve the position of all women in the country, both in the family and in society. It is time for the women of this country to realize that they can attain their dreams, on their own merits, without facing obstacles simply because they were born women."

And abortion was finally legalized in Argentina.

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In a historic move for a region that has some of the world's most restrictive termination laws, Senators voted in favor of the bill after a marathon session with thirty-eight in favor, twenty-nine against, and one abstention.

And the latest move for women's rights and equality?

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Well, it has happened on none other than our very own NBA court.

Yep, the NBA has this week made history.

Spurs assistant and former WNBA star, Becky Hammon, became the first woman to serve as a head coach during an NBA game.

Very quickly, the words of congratulations flooded in...

The historic moment happened during the Spurs' game with the Los Angeles Lakers on December 30th...

After San Antonio's Gregg Popovich was ejected in the first-half loss.

As he walked off the court, Popovich pointed to Hammon, his assistant since 2014, and told her that she was running the show.

After the game, which was a 121-107 defeat, Hammon told reporters that Popovich "officially pointed at me. That was it. Said 'You got 'em,' and that was it. Very Pop-like."

She continued:

"I did not walk into the arena thinking I would be coaching tonight, but that's the way things go and you roll with it, and I would have liked a different outcome. Overall, I would have loved to get a win tonight more than anything."

Lakers legend, LeBron James, also commented on Hammon's achievement.

"Obviously she's been paying her dues over the last few years and Coach Pop has given her the opportunity... It's a beautiful thing just to hear her barking outcalls, barking out sets. She's very passionate about the game. Congrats to her and congrats for our league."

You can watch her in action here:

Congratulations, Becky Hammon! For more on incredible women, keep scrolling...