For many brides-to-be, the big proposal story is super important. Many want something that's super romantic and can stand up to countless retellings to friends and family. But few would want their engagement story to involve a fast food restaurant - or would they?

A Facebook page has shared an image of a pretty strange "I do" moment. The ring shown was encased in, well, not a typical box. The husband-to-be in this story chose a rather unusual way to display the diamond - and the comments on the post are pretty hilarious.

But this isn't the only strange engagement ring story circling the internet right now - and, even stranger, it's not even the only one involving a burger. Confused? Read on.

A proposal is obviously an exciting time in anyone's life.

Finding someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with (and making it truly official) is something that many people dream of.

But it's often about more than what the question represents.

For many, it's also important that the actual occasion of the engagement is as romantic as the entire relationship has been.

A good proposal can seem symbolic.

Since it acts as the signifier for the start of the "marriage" portion of a relationship, it can seem important to get off on the right foot.

A good proposal is one that would be very hard to say no to.

But it would be even better if it called back to a personal, unique aspect of a relationship, making it clear that you understand exactly why yours is so special.

The proposal story is an intrinsic part of the wedding.

And since most people have dreamed of their wedding since they were super young, getting it right from the very beginning is key.

And there's another reason that some desire a good engagement story.

Because it's pretty likely that they'll want to re-tell it again and again, to their friends, co-workers, and, to be honest, anyone that will listen.

For some, the ring is hugely important.

Many want a ring that's super sparkly (and, let's face it, super indicative of having spent a fat wedge of cash on it).

But that's not the only thing.

It seems that there is a large range of different ways that you can mess up a proposal - and there's one that has particularly taken the internet by storm this week.

Here's the proposal in question.

via: Facebook

To be honest, the ring looks pretty inoffensive - but the method of displaying it has caused the internet to ask some serious questions.

And let's just say, the internet has had a pretty mixed reaction.

Some were pretty disgusted by the image, with one commenter simply saying, "Big Mac? Big no."

Another took objection to the quality of the burger that the man had chosen.

A Facebook user wrote, "Um. That better not be a Big Mac. Five Guys or nothing."

Some noticed something else a little bit off-putting, too.

"Looks like a McNightmare. Also, it's really (and unnecessarily) bothering me that the bun is dry except for one weird smear," wrote one. Yikes.

Although others had quite a different reaction.

Some saw the picture and felt one overriding emotion: hunger. "Can she have the burger if the answer is no?" one asked.

Others are oddly into the theme.

One hoped that the man had gone the whole hog with his proposal and asked her to "McMarry him." Another said, "This was someone’s McDream."

But some had a different issue altogether.

One commented that they didn't object to the concept of the proposal, but that weren't too keen on the actual vehicle. They claimed that they'd prefer their fiance to use a chicken nugget, rather than a burger.

But if you're going for a fast food engagement theme, why not go the whole hog and use an onion ring as the ring.

Hey - if it's good enough for Homer Simpson...

What's even more surprising?

The fact that it appears that this burger-related engagement idea isn't even an original! A quick search around the internet shows that the same general idea has been used before - albeit with a chicken burger rather than a Big Mac.

And one restaurant is even attempting to legitimize this bizarre proposal idea.

A burger joint in North End, Massachusetts, has started selling a $3000 burger that comes complete with an engagement ring embedded within it - for busy people who don't have time to take a trip to the jewelers before going out to dinner.

We guess that there's no "right" way to get engaged.

And judging by the number of strange stories currently circulating online, people are getting more and more... creative with their proposals.

We guess that everyone's love story is different.

But people on the internet can be pretty cruel - and it seems like proposal stories can be pretty thorny territory! This certainly isn't the first time that an engagement ring photo has been ridiculed online. One lady showed off her super minimal ring choice online and was roasted as a consequence. Keep reading to hear more on that story.