Woman Uninvited From Wedding for Not Letting Her Sister Honeymoon in Her House

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A woman has shared the shcoking incident of how she was kicked out of her sister’s bridal party after she wouldn’t let the bridge honeymoon in what was once the family house.

Now, wedding ceremonies nearly always turn out to be beautiful celebrations of love and commitment, but some weddings can bring out the tension between family members and loved ones…

And in this case, an angry bride kicked her sister out of her wedding completely because she wouldn’t give her what she wanted.
The anonymous woman wrote a recent Reddit post that made some shocking claims about the upcoming wedding.

“She’s not speaking to me and I’m uninvited to the wedding. Our parents keep calling me and saying I should do this for her since her wedding is only 1/3 what she wanted it to be. But I’m not comfortable with them staying unsupervised at my house…” the Redditor explained.

According to the post written on the forum, the woman known as u/Aggravated_Sib00 shared the wild accusations against her somewhat “entitled” sibling.
She claimed that the house was originally her parent’s property who now treat it as a family vacation home before she purchased it from them and she wasn’t about to let her sister honeymoon there.

“My house used to belong to my parents. But they sold it to me in 2017,” she explained at the beginning of the post, “It had been a family vacation home of sorts. Every couple years when my grandparents were alive they’d invite us kids up there for a week.”

The house has a sentimental attachment and a lot of memories to look back on, but because her sister wasn’t allowed to honeymoon there, the Redditor paid the price when she was uninvited to her own siblings wedding.

“I’d been saving up for a home since I started my first job at twenty,” she wrote, “Turns out my sister didn’t have any savings for college and didn’t get some scholarship like she’d planned.”

“I asked why she didn’t get student loans and my parents said they didn’t want her ruining her credit. So their solution was to sell the lake house and use the money from that to finance her college.”
The woman claimed in 2016, when her sister was admitted to her dream college, her family needed to sell the house in order to pay the rather hefty tuition bill. Coincidentally, the Redditor was also looking to purchase a home for herself at the same time.

Upon her graduation in 2019, the sister became engaged and included the Redditor in the bridal party…

But once the pandemic hit, her wedding plans were “ruined” and the date was moved to December 2021.
“Issues came up recently when my sister asked where I was going to stay for the 2 weeks after her wedding? Puzzled I answered my house?” she wrote, “She got a sour look and said that wouldn’t work, she and her fiancé would be there and they wanted private time.”
“I asked why they’d be at my house and she said that’s where they were having their honeymoon,” she continued, “2 weeks alone at a lake house.”

“I said I didn’t want my sister and her fiancé christening their new union by f****** in my house. They said I was being gross and selfish… I said no again so [my sister] threatened to remove me from the bridal party. I just shrugged and said okay.”

Shockingly so, her parents approved of the decision and labeled the Redditor as “unreasonable” before her sister then decided that kicking her out of the bridal party was the way to move forward.
The Redditor’s forum has been upvoted over 23,000 times, with many rushing to the comments to call out the bride’s selfish, entitled behavior.
“It’s definitely not you, I could see the favoritism shining from a mile away. Very easy to see who the golden child is here,” one person commented.

“Entitled brats don’t just become that way as an adult.”

“People entitled enough to think like the parents and sister, would likely have no problem turning up unannounced and making themselves at home. It is their “family lake house” after all,” another person said, adding that the Redditor should consider changing the locks and even installing a few security cameras.
But later on, the Redditor updated her post claiming that her sister apparently had NO idea that the Redditor now actually owned the lake house!
“I spoke to my sister like a few people suggested and asked her if she knew the lake house was legally MY house. As in, I bought it years ago.”

“She was NOT in fact aware of this. She was under the impression from our parents that they were letting me live there rent free…… I corrected her and even showed her proof that they sold the house to me. And when she asked why they sold it I was honest and said it was to pay for her college tuition/lifestyle. She became quiet after that and we soon hung up.”

“No idea what’s going to happen now,” she finished.
There’s been no further update on the Redditor’s feed…
Do you think the Redditor is in the right here?