Woman Offends Everyone in The UK by Making ‘British Tea’

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An American woman has faced the wrath of the British public this week after she filmed a tutorial demonstrating how to correctly make a cup of British tea.

Spoiler: She made it horrifyingly wrong.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to watch her heinous tutorial for yourself…

If you’ve ever met someone from the land of pints and fish and chips, you’ll know that they hold their culture with an unwavering amount of pride.

Or their slightly eyebrow-raising love for the royal family, the Brits will very seldom let anyone criticize or question their ways.

I’ve never seen anyone enjoy a good bit of rain and hail like the British.

Rich and savory pies, roast dinners, endless pints of beer and ale… Yeah, British cuisine really is something else.

Perhaps the pinnacle of all the British food and drink, a cup of tea has become somewhat of a symbol of true “Britishness” over the years.

With the added sugar and milk making the drink unique to their culture.

Well, one confident American didn’t get this memo and, as a result, she has been spectacularly roasted by the British public.

The social media figure, whose YouTube is named “Traveling Family of Five” documents her and her children’s adventures and antics while living in the U.K.

Americans trying crumpets, Americans tasting British soda, Americans graduating in the U.K… You get the gist.

The vlogger decided to step into forbidden territory by attempting to demonstrate the makings of a British cup of tea.

As you can imagine, Michelle’s valiant efforts were met by an incredibly cynical audience, who were less than impressed with the finished result.

Earlier this year, the enthusiastic tea-maker shared a video that showed the world how we Americans make iced tea.

Disclaimer: It isn’t at all how we make iced tea.

Michelle and her daughter, Mykela, filmed themselves making a heinous iced tea batch with several Lipton tea bags, a mixture of boiled water and cold water, and a lot of sugar.

They then concluded the video by setting their diabetes-inducing iced tea in the fridge.

And people recoiled in horror at the sugary concoction.

And they have caused even more controversy than before.

Or “hot tea”, as they labeled it. Michelle claims that she got “a lot of questions after the last video”, and people apparently wanted to see her make “British tea”.

The video starts with Mykela filling a mug with cold water straight from the tap… Which is already incredibly problematic in itself.

Mykela proceeds to add a nauseating amount of milk to the now luke-warm water.

But it is then followed by a truckload of sugar and a vigorous stir. Though, judging by Michelle’s last video, we’re really not surprised by this part.

Well, according to Michelle it is. Since being posted onto both TikTok and Twitter, the video come under the fire of enraged and offended Brits.

They are not impressed.

People have been taking to Twitter to beg Americans to stop butchering their beloved delicacies… A fair enough request, if you ask me.

She has offended an entire nation with one video. Props to Michelle!

I don’t know what that sugary-milky mix is, but it certainly isn’t a cup of tea.

Though be warned, it may just scar you for life. For more on the weird and wonderful world of the Brits, keep scrolling to read about their most hilarious mannerisms that we just can’t get our heads around…