Woman Offers Free End-of-Life Photo Sessions for Dying Pets

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All pet lovers know just how difficult it is to lose their best friends, it really does break your heart, and while some vets offer dogs their first and final taste of chocolate before they’re sent to heaven…

This Detroit photographer has offered people end-of-life photo sessions for their dying pets.

  via Unsplash  

You’re going to need a box of tissues by your side if you’re going to keep on scrolling.

Julia Earhart was asked by a friend to do a photoshoot of her and her dog, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

And, although this isn’t what Julia is used to committing her photography skills to, she decided to do it so she could help her friend in such a heartbreaking time.

“She’s like, ‘Hey Julia, can you photograph some pictures of me and Cuddi when he’s still in good spirits because he doesn’t have much time,’” according to Fox News.

And then, she came up with a truly stunning idea: to offer end-of-life photography sessions for people and their best furry friends.

“I understand that treatment is expensive. Medicine is expensive for helping dogs with end of life,” she exclaimed.

  via Unsplash  

“I kind of was like why don’t I offer this for free to help people out to have these memories.”

And she even had a cancer scare with her own dog Benny.

Which, from experience, is never easy to deal with, because dogs are not just a pet, they’re our family, too.

So it’s understandable that she wanted to do anything she could to help people create the best of memories as they share their final moments with their companions.

And so, she’d rather them save a little bit of money, while creating a memory that will last forever.

  via Unsplash  

“I’d rather them spend the money towards their dog’s favorite toys or treats and spoil them while you can,” she expressed.

“It’s going to be emotionally challenging but knowing it will make a pet owner happy, I’m more than willing to take it on.”

For those who have a pet living in their precious final moments, or, if you know anybody who does, and you’d benefit from this selfless gesture, you can visit Earhart’s site for more information. She really does capture the beauty of life’s greatest moments.

And we are truly sorry for anyone going through the loss of their fuzzy companions right now.

We only wish they could live forever.