Mom’s Partner Becomes Her Wife After Transitioning Into a Woman

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A woman has said she is “happier than ever” after seeing her partner transition to becoming a woman.

Tea-Lynn Van Dyk from Ontario, Canada, first came out as trans to her wife Gabrielle in December of 2019, coming out to their daughters shortly after that in what Gabrielle described as a “three-day panic attack.”

Their youngest daughter, 6-year-old Adelaide was immediately open to having another mother and often corrected members of her extended family who misgendered her. Their eldest daughter Arya took around 2 weeks to accept the change, as she had anxiety surrounding Tea-Lynn leaving and being apart from her family.

“They know it’s a sensitive topic but we haven’t really talked about it too much since we first told them, life moves on,” Tea-Lynn told the Daily Mail. “Now I’m Mommy and Gabrielle is Mama.”

“Adelaide was a super supporter from day zero. She’s the kind of person where, if someone was being transphobic to me out on the street she would be in their face.

“And with Adelaide, I just had to reassure her that I wasn’t going anywhere and that I would always love her, and she’s been wonderful ever since.”

Gabrielle explained how she was very calm when Tea-Lynn first came out as transgender and suggested she see a therapist help her transition. She notes that it was her calm attitude that is part of the reason the couple is still together.

“When I first told her I assumed she would be gone, I assumed we would get a divorce because it’s a lot for some people,” explained Tea-Lynn. “I couldn’t imagine my life without her.

“Now, I feel like I can love her to the full extent that I do, which is fiercely and wildly. I feel like finally there’s no barrier between us.”

Gabrielle claimed there were some telling signs that Tea-Lynn wanted to express her femininity, including Tea-Lynn dressing up in her wife’s clothes. “She had hinted that she was dressing up in some of my clothes, so it wasn’t completely out of nowhere, I had that in the back of my mind,” said Gabrielle. “When she first told me I was like OK, let’s talk about this and see how is this going to work for us.”

“She still likes the same things, she laughs at the same type of humor, so in my mind, she’s still the same person and it doesn’t matter that she’s dressing feminine or changing her name.”

Tea-Lynn started her hormonal transition in April 2020, after she had spoken to her doctor and a therapist surrounding her feelings and experiences. She also came out to her family, who were largely supportive of her transition.

“I’m so blessed and lucky to have people in my life who recognize this transition is about me realizing my own happiness, and they are happy for me.

“Before I transitioned there was a mental fog of just confusion and sadness and depression, and being on these hormones have lifted that. I have laughed to tears more in the last 16 months than I had in the 35 years I was on earth before I started. It’s amazing to finally really feel,” she continued.

“I know everyone is curious about surgery, but for me, it’s like if I were to walk up to a man on the street and ask if he was circumcised, it’s really none of my business.

“Unless you’re a doctor or a sexual partner I don’t see why you would need to know what surgeries I’ve had or not had. Surgery doesn’t make a trans woman more valid, she’s already a woman.”