Man Says Women Should Stop Complaining About Period Pain | 22 Words

In the latest example of men giving their unwanted opinion on the inner workings of women's bodies, a Twitter user has faced serious backlash after offering his stance on the severity of menstrual cramps...


Yes, really.

Clearly, this man has no idea about the sheer agony of a period cramp.

Ladies, we've all experienced them - they're painful, they're uncomfortable, and they're down-right unpleasant.

Luckily for most of us, they're nothing a little aspirin and a hot-water bottle can't fix...

But still, we'd rather not have to endure them.

However, there's one thing that makes them even worse...

And that's men giving their unwanted and, quite frankly, wrong opinions on them.

I think we can all agree that men have absolutely no idea about our sufferances once a month, right?

Well, some men think they're very knowledgeable about our cramps and, sometimes, they like to offer out their opinions online.

But the latest to do so experienced a wrath like no other.

One unsuspecting Twitter user casually suggested that women shouldn't complain about their period cramps, because there's one thing that men experience that's worse...

Knee scrapes.

You know, that insignificantly minor injury when falling over?

Well, according to this man, these are not only less painful than menstrual cramps...

But they are simply not experienced by women.

Well, the Twitter community wasn't at all impressed.

Here's the incriminating Tweet.


Of course, the user hastily deleted it following the backlash but, as you will all know, the internet never forgets.

I think this should be used as a lesson for all men who think they have an opinion on the severity of our cramps.


It's none of their damn business!