Woman Posts Heartbreaking Suicide Note to Instagram Day After Her Death

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Trigger warning.

A heartbreaking suicide note appeared on a young woman’s Instagram page 24 hours after she took her own life.

Twenty-four-year-old Yocheved Gourarie of Brooklyn had pre-written the message to be posted after her death.

Keep scrolling to see what it said.

Rest in peace Yocheved.

Yocheved Gourarie of Brooklyn tragically took her own life.

And in a note which Yocheved had written earlier, she revealed that there was nothing anybody could do to save her.

If you’re reading this, I’m gone.

Who she said she did not want to hurt in the slightest.

And for years she has documented her journey on social media.

At the time she wrote:
Depression has been coursing through my veins every since I could remember. Not a separate being or voice; we are one and the same, for better or worse.

It feels like home, not my enemy. It clouds out hope, ambition, motivation, emotion, convincing me that the apathy and numbness it leaves me with is safer than experiencing life. Its comfort is compelling, its spell binding. It offers me certainty, forgetting to tell me that to risk is to live.

And in the same post, she wrote:
Unlike my experience with anorexia, I have not pursued recovery from depression until very recently. It seemed unchangeable, untouchable. Like it was such an integral part of my personality that to address it would be to disrupt the core of my being and destroy me from the inside out.

And she was praised in the comments for her bravery and honesty.

And decided to take her own life.

Yocheved wrote:

One might say uncomfortable. Jarring. Just close the app now if you want. I guess if you don’t know by now you should probably sit down.

Either that or somehow incapacitated in the hospital so I can’t delete this scheduled post. I really hope I’m not though.

I scheduled a note to send to my parents posthumously; if they choose to share or publish it you may be privy to more insight. I will leave that choice up to them. Even just publishing this may pain them. I don’t want to do that.

All of you have made my life so much more full, brighter, and happier than it would have been without you.

None of you could have done anything – or done more – to prevent this from happening.

I hope you can find some comfort in knowing I am no longer in pain.

Yocheved then signed the letter with her name before taking her own life.

It’s so heartbreaking.

Out thoughts go out to your family and friends during this awful time. Rest in peace.